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"Lose 25 pounds in two days and make 50K overnight!" Yeah, right. Are you kidding me? That's all I see now on social. Everywhere. Watch the video below or read the following transcript to see what my take is on those miracle cures.

It's the time to be losing weight, or to be making money, and everyone's promising all these unrealistic things. I have to say, it's driving me crazy. All I see are empty promises. Granted, maybe the diet that they offer does work for the time being. But honestly, I’d rather believe in small consistent actions. I know that these miracles are very attractive, and I'm sure that you probably are watching this because you saw the title and thought: "What? How do we do this?" Or maybe you're just like me, and you thought: "What now? Really? Are you kidding me?" 

At the end of the day, though, I love having a positive outcome and believing in miracles. And yes, I do believe in the power of the brain and I know that we can transform ourselves just by changing the way we think. I have seen it. I see it every day with my clients. Transformation happens when you start reprogramming neural pathways. When neurons have been connecting the wrong way and have created wrong synapses for so long that it led to self-sabotage, we start creating a new path. We start connecting different neurons together to create a new path towards success or towards weight loss, towards wealth, towards whatever it is that we want to achieve.

I was watching Jann Arden last night and at some point, she said: "I never had a big break, but I had a thousand of little ones." This really spoke to me, because I thought: "That's exactly it. I can't say that I had a big break either." I have been placing small, consistent actions for years now. All the programs that I offer follow this principle as well. In THINK Yourself® A BUSINESS PRO, will you build a 50K business overnight if you take the course? No, you won't! The course is a series of 10 steps to a successful business. Small, consistent actions. Are you going to become wealthy the day you finish watching the videos in the THINK Yourself® WEALTHY course? Not that day! Small, consistent actions. Everything takes time. People that read my THINK Yourself® THIN book don't lose weight overnight. It's about reprogramming the neural pathways in order to make it happen, through - you guessed it - small consistent actions. It’s the same things with THINK Yourself® HEALTHY: 27 simple, practical applications for a vibrant life.

I've made some mistakes. And yes, I have found some shortcuts. So yes, please, do learn from my mistakes and check out these courses and books. They may help you fast-track your path to success. Taking courses and learning from others that teach you how they overcame obstacles is great. So yes, learn from others’ experience. But don’t believe that it will happen overnight.

It's always about small, consistent actions, and your actions lead to huge transformation. Yes, you can lose 25 pounds if you want to. Yes, you can make 50K if you want to.  But remember that it takes time, and while it is growing, we have to protect it. We have to water it. We have to make sure that there's some sunlight and that you consistently work at it. That's how I built the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY, and that's how I am staying healthy. Remember: Small consistent actions.


If you want to begin your journey to financial confidence, download my free guide, "10 Common Behaviours of Financially Confident People", for 10 small, consistent actions you can start doing right now.

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