My blog last week was about miracles and about how you can make them happen (but not overnight!). If you missed it, you can read it HERE.

I'm going to give you a movie description, and you'll have to try and guess what movie I'm talking about. I'm sure you've seen it...

“A British spy teams up with a beautiful agent to battle a terrorist and a businessman bent on world domination.” It’s an action and adventure movie. You guessed it, right? Of course, because James Bond is one of the biggest brands in the world!

Today, I REALLY recommend you WATCH THE VIDEO instead of reading the transcript. Especially if you have seen Bond Movies. The video I created will bring back lots of memories. So, press play, sit back and enjoy!

Code name: Double-O-Seven. James Bond, as you know, is a British secret service agent who was created in 1953 by Ian Flemming. It's been going on for decades. It's amazing, isn’t it? James Bond doesn’t need to be one single person. Although Sean Connery is my favorite, this character has been portrayed by so many different actors.

Even so, it's always the same brand. There's the suit, right? He always has the look, of course. That's one of the elements that portray that brand. Of course, there’s also the Bond-Girls, right? There will be beautiful women in every movie. That's part of the brand, and we expect it. 

What else do we expect in a James Bond movie? A fast car! Of course, there will be cars. There have been so many different Bond-Cars. And not only will they be fast and will there be a car chase, but there's all the gadgets, right? These cars can do so many things.

And the tech does not stop with the cars. There’s also the Bond-Gadgets. There's Little Nellie, there is always a watch that does something special. Q is always part of the movie providing Bond with these gadgets. Q has been portrayed by many different actors as well. 

Who else is always in the movies? Of course, there will be villains. A James Bond movie has to have a Bond-Villains. And they're more and more evil every time. They always come up with these amazing actors to portray these villains. 

Who else is always in the movies? M. The Bond-Boss. Also portrait by many different actors throughout the years. Who else? Miss Moneypenny. Of course, there's always a Miss Moneypenny in the movie. 

What else do we expect in a James Bond movie? We expect explosions. There will be explosions for sure! There will be a whole bunch of different things. There will be stunts, there will be fights. There will be moments where you think: "Really? This can't be!" And even though we know that it's just a stunt, we still don't know how they do it.

They go right into the details too, with the James Bond martini, right? Of course, the martini has got to be part of the show! What do we know specifically about this martini? “Shaken, not stirred.” So whatever it is, whichever actor is your favorite Bond, it doesn't matter. We know what to expect. I gave you a brief description and you knew right away what movie I was talking about. It's impressive.

Would you like your brand to be recognized just like that? What is always present in your brand? When people talk about you, what do they say? Because a brand, really, is what people say about it. For example, what do we say about the James Bond movies? I just pulled up a few things and it was very easy to find all these on the web, because it's such a big brand. What are people saying about you when you're not there? 

I would like to ask for your help, because I'm building my brand myself, and I would like the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY brand to be recognized. One of the things that I've done throughout the years is try to stay consistent with the THINK Yourself® brand. THINK Yourself® CONFIDENT. THINK Yourself® A TECH PRO. There's the kids program: THINK Yourself® POSITIVE for Children. THINK Yourself® A BUSINESS PRO. THINK Yourself® A RELATIONSHIP PRO, WEALTHY, A SALES PRO, SUCCESSFUL, THIN, A COACH, HEALTHY... I try to stay consistent with my brand when I come up with new products.

Another thing about my brand is that everywhere I go, every time I speak at an event, whichever topic I'm talking about, you know that I'm going to talk about the personal assistant, for sure.

Something else that I try to do, a small detail that people seem to appreciate: When we used to present live events, my co-presenter and I would always make an effort to wear the same thing as well. 

One of the participants in a session snapped a picture of us in the bathroom at the convention center. She sent me the picture after and said: "I knew to go to the bathroom because I expected you to be wearing a special outfit." And she was right. There we were, Mo and I zipping each other’s matching dress. But this is not exactly what I need your help for...

I would like you to tell me: When you see the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY brand, when you see me come up on a post or on social media, or at an event that I'm presenting, what do you expect? I would like for you to write to me, to respond to this post, to respond to my blog or to respond to my newsletter and to tell me what you expect. What do you say behind my back? What do you say when I'm not there? What do you expect when you see the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY brand? I really would love your help. It would really help me build my brand and give you more of what you expect.

What if there was a James Bond movie where all of a sudden, there was no fast car or there was no Bond-Girl? We would be disappointed, right? It’s just like going to a concert and then the band doesn't play your favorite song.

What do you expect from me? I would be happy to read what you have to say. What do you expect from the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY brand? And I'm hoping that somehow, somebody will say that they expect confidence, as I'm a confidence expert. Hopefully, somebody comes up with that. Please, let me in on the scoop. What do you say about the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY brand behind my back, when I'm not there? Hopefully one day, people will recognize the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY brand at a greater level, and some of you might already expect something. So please, share with me. It will help me grow.

If you are an entrepreneur, do the same exercise and ask people around you, survey people that are following you, what they expect from you. What is your brand? Let them tell you what they think you are doing. I'm looking forward to reading all your comments and your answers!

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