Hi, I’m Nathalie!

My parents were freaks!!!

They never put a gate by the stairs when my brother and I were babies because they never wanted to imply that we could fall. They would instead say: “Be careful around there”. They didn’t say: “Don’t fall”. If they needed me to bring a full glass of water to the table they would just say: “Use a strong firm hand and bring this glass to the table” instead of saying: “Don’t spill it!”, creating anxiety around the action of carrying the water.

There were signs everywhere in the house with motivational phrases like: “You can be everything you want”; “Yes you can”; “You will miss 100% of the shots you won’t take”; “If you’re going to do it, do it right”, etc.

On Sundays, we didn’t go to church (although we are Christian Catholics), instead, my parents would make us sit in the living room to listen to motivational tape cassettes from Jean-Marc Chaput, Zig Ziglar, Og Mandino, etc. Needless to say, I was brainwashed into positive thinking at a very young age.

I believe that my life purpose is to motivate, inspire and support people to discover that they have everything inside themselves in order to be their best and live to their full potential.

I got my first “calling” to help people at a very young age. My parents would not read us Disney stories at night. They would either sing us a song to put us to sleep with their guitar (which explains my love for music), or they would tell us motivational stories. Here is my favourite bedtime story: It is about an old man on the beach, who was throwing back the starfishes in the sea, one by one. A little girl asked him: “What are you doing sir?” and the old man responded: “I am saving the starfishes from dying, as the tide brought them to shore, they will dry and die if I don’t throw them back in the sea.” The little girl looked at the endlessly long beach and said: “But sir, no offence, but there are so many, you can’t save them all! It doesn’t really make a difference.” And the old man responded, as he was showing the little girl that starfish that he was holding in his hands: “Well my dear, for this particular starfish, it makes a whole world of difference.” I was thinking: “When I grow up, I will be a starfish saviour and save them all, one at a time!” And the rest is history.

I was born in Saint-Raymond, a small town near Quebec city Canada. I lived in Quebec for a big chunk of my life as a successful entrepreneur in the printing industry, with over 50 employees, mastering human resources and sales techniques until I moved to Toronto, Ontario in my twenties, where I got seriously into fitness, personal training and nutrition consultation all while accumulating 16 more years of experience in sales in the Natural Food industry.

After reaching the top of my game as the No.1 Fitness Instructor in Canada, I realized that being my own personal best wasn’t fulfilling me. I started to realize that even though I was helping people, my clients were not successful because I was giving them a better kale salad recipe or showing them a different way of doing push-ups. They thrived because they were changing the way they thought. Their mindset was influenced by mine. I then started to study neuroscience and the astonishing powers of the brain. I got a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master and Life Coaching certifications and spent the last 10 years developing a system combining my experience as an entrepreneur, my health and wellness knowledge and the specific processes I use with the thousands of clients I have helped reaching their full potential.

I work with clients one-on-one and propel people into the life they want through my coaching, books, events and speaking engagements. I also continue to teach fitness classes, 30 years and counting, using fitness as an introductory platform in order to help people be their best. I also work with kids in schools, which gives me even wider audience to impact and improve people’s lives because I believe if certain values are planted at a young age, flourishing happens sooner in life.

I now live in White Rock, British Columbia with my loving husband Duff and we are celebrating our 15th anniversary this year.


The THINK Yourself™ brand started with my workshop THINK Yourself™ THIN in 2008. After close to ten years exchanging my time for money, I realized that even with the success of my company, the next step to growth was to expand from being a “one-woman-show” to a TEAM. Sheryl Wilson and Tamara Aven were the first two to join the team.


I was the girl that was always told all the things I shouldn’t do, couldn’t do, and mustn’t do.  I was the wrong everything. My job was to keep the peace, stay quiet, be helpful and be a good example. Over time I lost my voice and my drive. Most of my drive used to come from my children. Being a great parent, protector and cheerleader.  I decided that in order for me to make demands of them in life I had to be their role model.

 I became a single parent while pregnant with my second daughter and decided that I would explore everything I always wanted to do in life. This included owning a successful business, travelling, earning a bachelor’s degree, pursuing other career opportunities and purchasing a home.

 I have been a hairstylist for nearly 30 years, so naturally people share their stories with me. After a recent life altering event I decided that it was time to do more in my life. That was to reclaim my voice and own my “Greatness”. It was Time to find my life’s purpose and use my gifts to make a real impact in the life of others. My commitment is to now help others along their path to discovering and owning their greatness. 

As your coach, I will guide you through customized processes and exercises that are designed to connect you with your emotional pain and limiting beliefs so that you can breakthrough the barriers that are holding you back.

Sheryl's certifications:

Certified Life Coach, Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming, Master Practitioner of Mental and Emotional Release therapy, and a Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, Board Certified by the Association for Integrative Psychology. 

Sheryl is the Creative Director of the THINK Yourself™ ACADEMY


"What fascinates me is how women, mainly Mamas, are amazing at taking care of others; yet experience guilt when it comes to self-care. As a full-time teacher and Mom of 3, this was my reality. It is truly remarkable how women juggle through life and the multiple tasks they can accomplish each day; yet self-love gets bumped to the bottom of the list.

Having learned how to make myself a priority, I have dedicated my life to helping women put their own oxygen mask on first so that their true light shines in this world and so that they are better able to love and care for others as their own buckets are full! As a Life and Wellness Coach, a Fitness Instructor, an Educator and a Mom, I have developed systems that work for all women and my life purpose is to share these systems so that ALL of us learn to love ourselves first!"

Tamara is a Presenter and Trainer for the THINK Yourself ™ ACADEMY


Mo is a global fitness visionary and healthy living ambassador.  She has been recognized for her work in the fitness industry that spans more than three decades working  as Vice President of Program Innovation for GoodLife Fitness and canfitpro (Canadian Fitness Professionals).  Mo, as she is best known in the fitness industry,  is a licensed physiotherapist, physical health educator and certified fitness instructor and trainer. 

She has travelled the global sharing her passion for fitness and healthy living.  She has been the recipient of numerous industry awards for her innovation, passion and leadership including the IDEA International Program Director and Group Fitness Instructor of the Year (1998, 2006). Mo was inducted into her high school Hall of Fame (2009), named one of Canada’s 20 Most Influential Women in Sport and Physical Activity (2014), received the “Woman Leader of the Year” award in 2016 by IHRSA (International Health Racquets & Sports Association's) and is recognized as one of "The Optimyz 100 Health Influencers" in Canada (2017 and 2018).  Mo is a #1 bestselling author of Shine: Inspirational Stories of choosing Success over Adversity, Influence: Women Inspiring Change, Think Yourself™ SUCCESSFUL: The DNA system to reprogram your brain & wire yourself for success, and a freelance writer and columnist for organizations including the Huffington Post.

Mo is a Co-Creator, Presenter and Trainer for the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY. 

They go beyond coaching you; they retrains your brain to allow you to take charge of your own life and get inspired from within. Their unique processes and her inspiring attitude, combined with their energy and contagious smile will empower you to live to your full potential. 

"You can take a horse to water but you can't make him drink''

... Somehow, they can.

Nathalie P.’s accomplishments include her books No.1 Best Seller: THINK Yourself™ SUCCESSFUL No.1 Best Seller: Simple Success StrategiesNo.1 Best SellerThink Yourself ThinNo. 1 Best Seller: SHINE and When You’re Hungry, You Gotta Eather many publications in newspapers in Canadian and American medias including: Fox, NBC, KFVS, Travel Weekly, Daily Times Leader, numerous articles and interviews at Influencers Radio, Fuel Radio, Exploring Mind and Body and her complete 2 pages profile in the Defyeneurs Magazine along with honors in the fitness industry including Fitness Instructor of the Year for Canada in 2006 and Top 5 Fitness Instructors of the Year for Canada in 2008.

Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas Professional Certificates:

  • International Baccalaureate, major Economics
  • BAA, Baccalaureate in Business Administration
  • Master Practitioner Neuro-Linguistic Programing
  • CFP Fitness Instructor specialist
  • CFP Personal Trainer specialist
  • CFP Nutrition and Wellness specialist
  • Breakthrough Leadership
  • AIM
  • Les Mills BA, BP, BF, BS, BC, BJ, RPM
  • Les Mills Canada Assessor
  • NB
  • Schwinn
  • Yoga
  • RAB
  • BOSU
  • Zumba, Zumba toning, Zumba for kids, Zumba Sentao, STRONG
  • Gymstick
  • Stott pilates foam roller
  • Kettlebell
  • Gliding
  • BodyFit
  • CPR
  • First-Aid