Do Your Clients Self-Sabotage As Soon as Your Back is Turned?

Tired of Seeing Your Clients Struggle?

Your clients are doing everything “right” and somehow, you know that when your back is turned, they jeopardize their success.

About 12 years ago, as I lived in Toronto, I had a client who was coming to my fitness classes and also training twice per week with me. I had also made her a nutrition plan, that she said she was following, but somehow, I just could not see the results.

I knew that as soon as I had my back turned, she was going to the drive-through to inhale excessive amount of calories and I was convinced that she was not active on the days we were not together. I knew she was going through an abusive relationship and that it was affecting her life, emotionally as much as physically.

SHE WAS CONFIDING IN ME. I was hearing her stories week after week and I really wanted to help her, more than just to get her back into the shape she wanted. I wanted to help her emotionally! I did not know how to do that.

On the other hand, I had other clients that really were changing. I could see very quick transformation and real results.

That's When I realized: My clients that were Successful were not successful because I was showing them a better way to squat.

They were not successful because I was giving them a better kale salad recipe either.

They were successful because they were changing their mindset. 

Somehow, I had been able to influence the way they were thinking about themselves and the way they were talking to themselves.

So I spent the last decade studying neurosciences to figure out how I had done that...

I created a system to reprogram our own negative self-talk and transform our inner language to find confidence & clarity so that people can unlock their full potential.

The D.N.A. System taps into the exponential power of the brain.

The reason why my client in the intro story was not successful is because she was living at a logical level, trying to do everything right, while she was working hard, following her belief that exercising was hard and stuck in her roller coaster of  constantly gaining back the weight she was losing.

I taught her how to use the power of the unconscious mind  in order to create the life she wanted. So instead of only counting on her logical mind, quite restricted, she is now able to access the most powerful part of her brain.

The System I used with her, and with all my clients afterward, is now available for you to replicate with YOUR clients.

The 3 Parts of the D.N.A. System




N for New You


A for Actualize

Let's use the Analogy of a Kitchen Renovation

  • "D" for DESIRE. The first step is to decide which room in your home you want to start with. Which room will have the most impact and will provide you with the most satisfaction? You need to establish the vision of the new room. Let's say you have decided on re-modelling your kitchen, you would decide on hardwood floors, cupboards, countertop, pain, color, etc. In a business project, it translates to establishing goals, objectives, detailed targets and timeframe.
  • "N" FOR NEW YOU. The second step is demolition and cleaning. Before installing the new cupboards, you will need to remove the existing ones, as it is impossible to install new cupboards on top of the old ones. There is a need to eliminate limiting beliefs, negative emotions and barriers and change neuro pathways in the brain in order to re-create new ones.
  • "A" FOR ACTUALIZE. Once you have created space, you can install and secure the new floors and cupboards. You are mentally ready to install new behaviours and beliefs along with the action plan you elicited in step one. You can operationalize the objectives.

You can learn the full application of the D.N.A. System to use with your clients.

No more listening to their problem feeling powerless, not knowing how to help them.

You can learn the proven system that will give your clients real long-lasting results. You have access to the solution to your clients problems. You will be able to tap into their MINDSET.

Just Exercise and Nutrition is NOT ENOUGH

Now, there are many coaching certifications out there. The reason why this one is different, is because it combines my

33 years of experience in the Fitness Industry

10 years in Human Resources

15 years in Sales and over 

12 years as a Life Coach & Master NLP Practitioner.

After almost 10 years of practice as a Master Life Coach and Master NLP Practitioner, and after reaching International status with my 8 International No.1 Bestsellers, I realized that if I were to teach other people to do what I do, the D.N.A. System would expand even more and it would be accessible to more clients to benefit from.

That is when I create the COACHING CERTIFICATION


A 25-module course to get you certified to become a Life Coach using the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY D.N.A. System.

This course includes:

25 Online videos that you can do at your own pace.

Downloadable processes and forms that I use with my clients.

1 Call with me to review your homework.

1 Theory Exam

1 Practical Exam

Certification by the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY

A 25-module course to get you certified to become a Life Coach using the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY D.N.A. System.

This course includes:

25 Online videos that you can do at your own pace.

Downloadable processes and forms that I use with my clients.

1 Call with me to review your homework.

1 Theory Exam

1 Practical Exam

Certification by the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY

  1. 1
    THIS course is NOT to become an ACCOUNTABILITY COACH.  Full disclosure. I am a Confidence Expert and Transformation Expert. I don't simply see my clients for years, every week, just to give them a homework, swipe their credit card and see them again next week. I help them transform, in 8 to 12 sessions and then they are empowered to continue their journey on their own. They learn how to become accountable to themselves. How to get inspired within. I teach my clients how to NOT need me anymore.
  2. 2
    You may say: "Well, this is not a good business model!" Then maybe this certification is not for you. You have to be prepared to give your clients REAL RESULTS!
  3. 3
    Coaching with the D.N.A. System is like teaching your clients HOW TO FISH. Instead of simply giving them a fish. We fix problems. We are not offering an ear to complain and vent. We are offering SOLUTIONS.

What People Are Saying About The Course

Christen Kwan

“This course added so much clarity for me."

"I’ve been helping clients transform their well-being through coaching for a few years. As a certified Precision Nutrition coach, I developed my own six month program called 'Healthy Habits Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching'. In this program, new habits are introduced, practiced and adopted slowly and strategically using online lessons and regular one-on-one coaching. The program was working but I've always felt there was a missing piece. Nathalie’s THINK Yourself® a Coach course was exactly that piece. This course added so much clarity for me and is helping me take my clients SO much further towards reaching their goals!"

Christen Kwan
Certified THINK Yourself® ACADEMY COACH
Sarah Jarvis

“I really like all the forms provided.”

"The course is easy to follow and very engaging. A lot of valuable information, providing everything that I need moving forward as a coach. The forms provided are simple, straight forward and relevant for client growth & success. It makes it very easy to apply with my clients and stay organized. I would recommend this course to anyone needing a simple step-by-step approach to valuable coaching."

Sarah Jarvis
Certified THINK Yourself® ACADEMY COACH
Sukhjinder Thindal

“The D.N.A. System really works with my clients"

“I had already been coaching for years before taking this certification. The D.N.A. System really works with my clients. I love the way the course is structured to allow for real transformation. I feel empowered to have the tools and the system to help my clients even better now."

Sukhjinder Thindal
Certified THINK Yourself® ACADEMY COACH


Become a Certified Coach with THINK Yourself® A COACH Coaching Certification. The process is easy to follow and you will finally be able to make a difference and help people with tools, strategies, processes and a proven System.

Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas

Creator of


About Nathalie

2021 Canadian Presenter of the Year Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas is a Confidence Expert. She works with people who want to get rid of their negative self-talk and unlock their full potential. She brings entrepreneurs the Clarity they need to make money living from their passion. She is international No.1 Bestselling Author of fifteen books about success, communication, wellness and empowerment. She is the Founder and CEO of the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY, offering keynotes and trainings, leading-edge online courses, laser-focus business strategy and one-on-one transformation coaching.

Along the past 30 years, she has inspired over 100,000 audience members and empowered thousands of clients internationally to get rid of their negative self-talk. She combines over 10 years of experience in human resources, 25 years of experience in sales and over 30 years in the fitness industry. In 2007, she was "Fitness Instructor of the Year" for Canada.


My niece is learning how to drive and although she has been sitting on the passenger seat of a car for the last decade, observing, she will only become a great driver if she starts practicing behind the wheel. It is the same for coaching.

When I started being a Life Coach over 10 years ago, I wish I had the chance to practice right away. It is only when you "drive the car" that you become good at it. I had to study for over a year before I could actually start my practice.

I also had to develop all my own material

I also wish I had been given all the material and processes that I have developed now, a decade later. I paid tens of thousands of dollars and did two different certifications, two NLP practitioner courses and two Master Practitioner courses. I also did a Master Trainer Course and now I can say that although I believe that all of this time and money was amazing investments, there was not really one course that included the experience I got and the best of each of them. That is why I developed the THINK Yourself® A COACH Online Coaching Certification.

Is this course for you?

As mentioned earlier, this certification will teach you how to become a Confidence Expert. A transformation Coach. You will learn how to create real long-lasting change for your clients. You may want to make sure this is for you before you jump in.

This course is for you if...

  • You want to help people around you unlock their full potential.
  • You want to help your clients get results and you want these results to last.
  • You want to instil confidence in your clients.
  • You want to help your clients find clarity.
  • You want to benefit from the Proven D.N.A. System along with the forms, processes and paperwork provided.

This course is not for you if...

  • You prefer to simply continue to do personal training without having to deal with your clients' problems.
  • You prefer to keep your clients "needing" you because if they become too confident, they may not need you anymore.
  • You prefer to create your own material.
  • You already have a way to instil confidence and clarity in your clients.

Here's "What You Get" 

25 Online videos that you can do at your own pace

Downloadable processes and forms that I use with my clients

1 Call with me to review your homework

1 Theory Exam

1 Practical Exam

Certification by the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long are the Videos?

What is the "homework" you are referring to above?

Is there an Exam?

What score do I need to pass the Exam?

Do I need to have a Zoom Account for the Exam?

What if I have questions during the course?

Why do I have to do an exam?

What if I fail the exam?

If you want to become a Life Coach, sit down with your client and really make a difference in their life by working on reprogramming their thoughts with my Proven D.N.A. System, the next step for your career may be to join the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY Team and become a Life Coach yourself. 


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