Do you like to play cards? Since the pandemic started, my husband and I have been playing cards a quite a lot and I have to say, we're just loving it. Play the video below or read the transcript where I share with you something that happened this week while we were playing cards... 

We often play a game called Spite and MaliceRest assured, the name doesn’t have much to do with the game.  

As my regular readers already know, I have quite a competitive streak, so I really like this particular game because I win a lot.  I feel badly for my husband (no I don’t).  Sometimes lose on purpose (at least that’s what I tell him when he wins!)  Anyhow, last night, my husband lost yet, he had the winning card in his hand. He had the card he needed to finish his deck first - the goal of the game  buthe had not seen it.   I think the same thing happens to us in life. Often, we're so convinced we're going to lose because we've lost so many times before, that we don't even see we have the winning card in our hand. It’s like we’re blind to the possibility of winning!  

Has there ever been a time in your life when you were so convinced things were not going to work out that you didn't even see that the solution was right in front of you? What about now? Do have the winning cards in your hand Step back and take a good look at what you’ve got.  Look at the cards you’ve been dealt but also assess your assets. Do you already have what it takes to make those cards work for you?  Look again.  You just might have the winning card in your hand too! 

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