My blog last week, "He Could Have Won, But He Did Not See It", got a lot of responses. People loved the idea that they might have the winning card in their hands; they just had to look more closely. If you missed it, check it out HERE. Do you sometimes find yourself procrastinating or finding excuses very easily to avoid doing something? Check out the video below or read the transcript to discover a way that always helps me when I am facing my internal “excuses-voice.”

The class I was supposed to teach outdoors tonight was cancelled because of the rain. I didn't have to do this, but I thought: "I'm all set up to teach online, so why don't I ask my participants if they want to do the class indoors instead, as a zoom?" They get reimbursed when the class doesn't happen, so I didn't have to do that, and I honestly didn't feel like it. So what I did is I sent an email. I wrote: "Let me know if some of you would like to do a class online and I will see if I can set it up". Honestly, I didn't feel like it, but I knew one of them would definitely take me up on the offer and that they could be my accountability for doing it. So I thought: "I'll put it out there and I'm sure somebody's going to respond."

Sure enough, everybody started to respond. "Yeah, I'm up for a zoom class. I'm up for a zoom class". I didn't feel like it. I started to think: “Darn it. Why did I offer that?”

Well, guess what? I was fully sweaty at the end of the class, and I felt like a thousand bucks.

“You never regret doing it, but you will always regret not doing it.”

When you have something planned that's for yourself and for your health, you usually want to do it. You usually are committed to it. But then, as soon as the plan changes, it’s the perfect place to have an excuse. My strategy here was: "I'm going to send an email right away and try to get somebody to make me want to do it and make me work out." And that's what happened! What is YOUR strategy whenever something that you don't feel like doing comes up? What do you do when that thing is on your to-do list?

I'm an entrepreneur. Maybe you are as well. If you commit to meeting with someone so that you can both work on your promise statements for example, maybe that’s going to make you do the thing you don’t really want to do. What is it that's on your back burner? What is the thing that makes you find excuses all the time? Is there something that you could decide to commit to and have somebody else hold you accountable for?

All I know is I feel amazing right now. I have to say, these girls were rocking it tonight. We had an amazing workout. I'm so happy that we did it. And now, the commute for my shower is pretty close. I don't have to drive back home. Find what it is that you will be so happy you did at the end of the day. Find what it is that you will regret NOT doing. Find a strategy that works for you, then commit to doing it and get somebody to hold you accountable for it.

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