Is your cup empty? Do you feel like you need to learn something new? Do you need to make more money? Do you need to acquire new tools or more skills because what you're currently doing isn’t quite working the way you hoped? Watch the video below or read the transcript to find out how to fill your cup without getting overwhelmed.

So you think your cup is empty?  Look again.  Sometimes it’s the exact opposite.  Sometimes your cup is actually too full.  Let me explain…  Let's say you're an entrepreneur who wants to revamp your website. You take a course or hire someone to do it for you. Either way you pour energy into it and that energy comes back. Perfect. Now there's something in your cup. You feel rejuvenated. Your thirst for knowledge, to learn how to do a new task is satisfied. You take a sip from your cup. Ahh. Now you tackle another course or you take another webinar to learn about social media, or how to create a LinkedIn profile. Maybe you work on a new Facebook business page or create Facebook ads. You gather more knowledge. Your cup is getting heavy. You've got all this knowledge, all these projects, all these things you're going to do to explode your business. You're very excited.  You take another sip from your cup. You're driven and you're feeling great. You keep filling your cup. You take another sip. You consume some of this new knowledge and implement a some of what you've learned. But soon, you’re off to learn the next thing.  Maybe you want to start a podcast so you learn how to do that.  Your cup is full and you’re really excited. I can almost hear you: “Oh my gosh, this is going to be amazing. My business is totally going to explode because I've got all this knowledge.”  You’re absolutely right. You have all this great knowledge.  But it’s not your business that’s going to explode, it’s your cup.

All that knowledge is still in your cup. Sure you consumed a bit. You took a little bit of that knowledge and applied it to your business, but you didn’t really implement all of it before you moved on to the next thing.  Are those Facebook ads actually working for you? You don’t know because you heard that doing ads on Instagram was absolutely great, so you opened an Instagram account and learned how to create Instagram posts and do Instagram ads. 

You  keep putting knowledge in your cup, but you’re barely consuming, using, much of it. Soon your cup overflows. There's too much in your glass but you keep filling it.  Have you implemented all of the things that you've learned so far? Even half?  What about that one little thing that was supposed to explode your business?  If you are anything like I used to be, your answer is “let’s change the subject”.  Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Like many entrepreneurs, we keep thinking the next guru is going to come and teach us that one thing that's going to explode and transform our business.  Let me save you some time. And money.  When we go from one thing to the next thing and the next all we’re doing is pouring knowledge into our cup.  And now it starts... We start losing some of that great information we learned because it's overflowing. Stop! Stop adding more information. Put all of those new projects on hold until you finish and use one.  Go back to the beginning.  Maybe you got everything you needed from that project. Say to yourself: I'm going to make some changes to my website, take that course on websites, then sift through everything I've learned to determine what applies to me. Then I'm going to implement those changes.”  Now dump the rest.  There’s no need to keep it in your cup.  Now you have a cup that’s ready to hold the next thing.  Go ahead, pour in the next course or that next item. 

So, if you’ve been learning lots, but feel overwhelmed, look through your cup. Select what’s pertinent for your business and use it.  Implement what you have. Once you've done that, get rid of the rest. Erase it from your to do list because you don't need to do that stuff because it doesn’t apply to you.  Don’t do things simply because everyone else is doing it. Maybe it simply doesn't apply to you. 

So remember, if we just sip but don’t drink from our cup and use our knowledge or implement what we’ve learned then we haven't actually consumed anything to help ourselves.  Did you know that most people who are found in the desert dead from dehydration still have water in their canteens?!?  Instead of giving their bodies the water they needed to survive, they just sipped thinking they had to conserve. Meanwhile they were slowly killing themselves.  Keep your business ALIVE!


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Yves - September 6, 2020 Reply

Vraiment bien expliqué.

    Nathalie - September 6, 2020 Reply

    Merci! Je suis contente que ça t’aie plu.

Jackie - September 6, 2020 Reply

Just what I needed to hear. I am juggling 3 big projects. Thank you!

    Nathalie - September 6, 2020 Reply

    Glad to be useful! Sending you energy for your 3 big projects Jackie!

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