Do you want to quit your job? Start your own business? Live from your passion? DON'T do it. Watch the video or read the transcript to find out why you should not quit your job.

You probably find this topic very surprising coming from me because I teach confidence and clarity and I work with entrepreneurs who want to learn the proper tools they need to make money living from their passion. The thing is: I worked full time while I was building my business. 

A lot of my clients tell me: “Okay, that's it, I’m going to quit my job and start my own business. I need to give this new venture all of my attention. I have to trust that the Universe will provide…” 

My immediate reaction: “Wait a minute. Whoa. Calm down. Let's start at the beginning. Let’s work on a detailed plan before you quit your job.” Some call it the ‘Universe’, some call it ‘God’, some call it ‘Faith’, I like to believe personally that yes, you have to believe that things will work out and need to trust you can succeed. But I think the way the ‘Universe provides’ is by sending us the inner feelings we need in order to create our own path. The ‘Universe’ trusts YOU to go get what you need and makes sure your mind is open and your eyes are open and gives you energy to act. If you are waiting at home for a magical divine intervention to happen, you may potentially wait endlessly. 

You’ve heard the saying: "A dream without a plan is just a wish." It’s important to have a plan. Without one, you may end up getting nowhere. You need to decide what steps need to be taken, and in which order those steps need to happen. Otherwise you could very well end up worrying about paying your bills. Life keeps going. We still need to pay our mortgage/rent or buy groceries. We need to eat.  

Growing a business or creating a new one from scratch, takes time, investment and planning. And it involves taking a few risks: hiring the right person who will fast-track your success; or maybe taking a few courses. If you’re working part time, keep that job. It allows you the flexibility to remain calm and relaxed (Well maybe a little bit. Let’s be real. No one’s totally relaxed when they start a new business!)

My point is: Keeping some form of employment gives you the security of having regular money coming in while, at the same time, it gives you the ability to work on your business. Don’t worry. It will not be forever.  It’s only temporary. It's the job that’s paying for you to build your business and that’s a good thing! View it as the price of admission.

As you're creating your action plan slowly, purposefully, starting your business, you will figure out how to make money living from your passion. Without the unnecessary pressure of having to worry about the end of the month, you’ll be able to take some risks and feel great about yourself as those risks begin to pay off. 

So, to all of you out there who’ve emailed me asking that question: "Should I quit my job?" The answer is NO.  Don't do it! Have a plan. If you don’t know how, reach out. I’d be happy to get together for a 15-minute virtual coffee so that we can discuss where you're at with your business. There will come a time when it’s right to leave your job.  Who knows, it may be sooner than you think.  You just need to have a plan. Let’s make one together!

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