Last week in my blog post, "How to Get Things Done That you Don't Wanna do", I talked about procrastination. Let me tell you, it generated some reactions. Lots of people told me they totally recognized themselves in what I said. If you missed it, make sure you check it out HERE.

Once in a while you come across a business that’s an absolute gem and you just have to share it. This little gem is right in my own neighbourhood! Click PLAY and watch the video. The images and music are worth a thousand words. Best part… this really happened!!! Enjoy.

Clancy's Tea Cosy is an amazing coffee house downtown White Rock in beautiful British Columbia. Four years ago, Shelina purchased this 25 year-old institution and let me tell you, she has really upped its game. Talk about customer service!!! Shelina has taken this lovely, inviting little place to the next level.

When a customer reserves a table (How cool is that? It’s so busy you can make a reservation!), instead of placing a generic “Reserved” sign on the table, Shelina uses a cute chalkboard placard with the customer’s name on it. Who doesn’t love to see their own name in writing? How would that make YOU feel when you walked in? How do you make your customers feel when they do business with you? 

There are no regular coffee mugs at this place. They only use real tea cups. You know, the fancy china cups and saucers your mom and grandmother had to match their good dishes? Clancy’s has collected them from all over. 

Well, last week my husband was at Clancy’s with some friends when one of our group holds up his cup and says: "Oh, this looks almost like the ones my mom had!" He looked at the bottom of the cup, notices it was different, then mentions the name of the style his mother had. Shelina overheard that conversation, looks through her cups and exchanges his coffee so that he could have his coffee in the same pattern his mom used to have. Now THAT’S great customer service. Do you think he’ll go back? We all will. 

That's what you need to do nowadays if you want to keep your business open. So, think about your business. What are the little extras you’re doing to ensure your customers come back? Is there something "special" you could add so that customers will come back to you? Find a way to add a personal touch to your business or service so that it’s extra inviting - just like Shelina at Clancy's Tea Cosy in White Rock. 

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Penelope Rousseau

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Mary - October 13, 2020 Reply

Lovely video. Great reminder of the importance of customer service.

    Nathalie - October 13, 2020 Reply

    Glad you liked it Mary! Yes, so important!

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