You are working really HARD but it doesn't Translate into Money in your Bank Account... 

Tired of Struggling to Make Money with Your Business?

You are doing everything right

and you work really Hard.

About 12 years ago, I was starting to build my coaching business and my speaking business on the side. YES ON THE SIDE, because I needed to keep my full time job. I was hearing this voice in my head telling me: "You're not going to make it on your own. There's no way!"

So, I Was Working HARD.

I would get up at 5:00 AM and I would still teach fitness classes at night and then come back after my shower and work later until 10:00 PM. I was building the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY and I had live events almost every other week. The harder I worked, the more exhausted I felt. I had zero life balance. I would never see my husband or spend time with the kids and I was thinking...

Is that it? My Dream of Being an Entrepreneur? I was NOT enjoying it!

The more successful I was, the more exhausted I felt and the more money it was costing me to keep this business alive anyways. And I still was living paycheck to paycheck because everything that I was making, I was reinvesting it into the next new thing. It just didn't make sense. I was looking at people going away for two months during the winter. And I was like: "I can't even take a day off. How are they doing this?"

That's When I Realized I Needed to Change the Way I was Doing Business.

So I thought: "Okay, maybe I need to get more on social media." So I started to go more on my social media. And one day I had arrived: I had 100 friends on Facebook! (LOL! I know that now this doesn't sound that exciting but back then, it was a big deal!) I got all excited and I thought: "This is it. I'm going to start posting ads and people will buy my products just like that!"

I didn't work.

Maybe I didn't have enough friends. Maybe I needed a thousand friends? I thought: "When I have a thousand friends, then, that will make a big difference." Still no money in my bank account.

Didn't work either.

Even at 5,000 friends on my personal profile, plus a business page, it still was not working.

So I needed to figure out how to Transform Social Media Fans into Paying Clients.

I realized that I needed to work ON my business more instead of IN my business.

I Made Tons of Mistakes, Spent Money I Did Not Have and So Much Time Learning the Ropes and the Keys to Be Successful!

The reason why I was not successful was because I was just working super hard, but I did not have a plan. I did not really know what worked and what didn't.

I Can Share with You the Keys to Building a Successful Business 

so that You Can FAST-TRACK Your Way There

and NOT Make all the same mistakes I made.

You can learn the 10 Keys To Building a Successful Business with my Online Course!

No more wondering if you are wasting your time with yet another strategy. You can start your journey to being successful with the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY series.

Just Working Hard is NOT ENOUGH

The reason why this course is different, is because it combines my

33 years of experience in the Fitness Industry

10 years in Human Resources

15 years in Sales and over 

12 years as a Life Coach & Master NLP Practitioner.

After almost 10 years of practice as a CONFIDENCE EXPERT, Master Life Coach and Master NLP Practitioner, and after reaching International status with my 8 International No.1 Bestsellers, I realized that a lot of my clients did not necessarily need to learn how to be CONFIDENT.

They wanted me to teach them


That is when I create the COURSE

THINK Yourself®


The 10 Keys to a successful business. You will walk away with a concrete plan and proven strategies to THINK Yourself® A BUSINESS PRO.

All the sweat and hard work that you put into becoming the professional that you are today is not necessarily fully compensated with the hourly rate your clients pay. Building a successful business, including online products, will contribute to generate income when you are not necessarily with your clients.

This course includes:

17 Online videos that you can do at your own pace.

A downloadable Implementation Guide.

  1. 1
    THIS course is NOT to teach you how to create an online video nor how to create posts on Social Media.  Full disclosure. This is not a Marketing course.
  2. 2
    Full disclosure: I am an Entrepreneur Just Like You. I am a Confidence Expert and Transformation Expert. You may say: "Well, she is not an expert in business, she is an expert in neurosciences!" You are correct.
  3. 3
    I just happened to learn quite a bit as I built my business and I am kind of great at making money! So if this interests you, then this course may be for you.

What People Are Saying About The Course

Tricia Silverman

“I would not be making money without what I have learned from Nathalie"

"If it wasn’t for Nathalie, I wouldn’t be making the money I am now. All she taught me is keeping me extremely busy and employed and making money during this crazy time. I can’t thank her enough!!!!"

Tricia Silverman
Registered Dietitian, Bestselling Author, Wellness Coach, and Professional Speaker
Ghislain St-Laurent

I can apply new tools right away for my business”

Very good courses, easy to follow step by step and also the quizzes are easy as well.  Very  Good presentation and I learned a lot.   I am very happy what I learned from both courses because I can apply new tools right away for my business.   Very efficient.

Ghislain St-Laurent
32 Years In Canadian Army Forces, Fitness Instructor Specialist


Become a BUSINESS PRO with THINK Yourself® A BUSINESS PRO Online Course.

The process is easy to follow and you will finally be able to make a difference for your business with tools & strategies.

Get NATHALIE'S KEYS to Build a Successful Business and

MAKE MONEY Living From Your Passion!

Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas

Creator of


About Nathalie

2021 Canadian Presenter of the Year Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas is a Confidence Expert. She works with people who want to get rid of their negative self-talk and unlock their full potential. She brings entrepreneurs the Clarity they need to make money living from their passion. She is international No.1 Bestselling Author of fifteen books about success, communication, wellness and empowerment. She is the Founder and CEO of the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY, offering keynotes and trainings, leading-edge online courses, laser-focus business strategy and one-on-one transformation coaching.

Along the past 30 years, she has inspired over 100,000 audience members and empowered thousands of clients internationally to get rid of their negative self-talk. She combines over 10 years of experience in human resources, 25 years of experience in sales and over 30 years in the fitness industry. In 2007, she was "Fitness Instructor of the Year" for Canada.


My niece is learning how to drive and although she has been sitting on the passenger seat of a car for the last decade, observing, she will only become a great driver if she starts practicing behind the wheel. It is the same for your business.

When I started my business, over 12 years ago, I wish I had the chance to know everything that I know now. It is only when you "drive the car" that you become good at it.

I also had to develop all my own material

I also wish I had been given all the material and processes that I have developed now, a decade later. I paid tens of thousands of dollars and now I can say that although I believe that all of this time and money was amazing investments, there was not really one course that included the experience I got and the best of each of them. That is why I developed the THINK Yourself® BUSINESS PRO Online Course.

Who is this course for?

As mentioned earlier, this course will teach the 10 Keys To Build A Successful Business. You will learn how to set up a solid foundation and business pracice to a create real long-lasting profits. You may want to make sure this is for you before you jump in.

This is for you if...

  • You want to unlock your full potential with your business.
  • You want to fastrack your way to making money.
  • You want to build a brand and position yourself in your field.
  • You want to know what works and focus on spending your precious time doing stuff that will make a difference.
  • You want to benefit from Nathalie's experience in Building a Successful Business.
  • You are ready to start DRIVING the CAR and do the work that is required. There is still some work to do and you need to be serious about being ready to work on the different Keys that Nathalie will teach you.

This is not for you if...

  • You think that the course is just a magic wand that will magically make money appear in your bank account. Bummer: There is still work to do.
  • You are not prepared to work on the 10 Keys that will be given to you.
  • You are a course-o-holic that signs up to everything and never even watch the videos and then buys another course right away and so on... 
  • You prefer to make your own mistakes and learn from them.
  • You already have a business that works, you make lots of money and you just need more confidence.
  • In that case, then the THINK Yourself® CONFIDENT Course may be the one you should check out...

Here's "What You Get" 

Some of you may think: 




How to Build a Following


Creating & Repurposing Content

Creating a System

Creating a Brand

A Consistent Message

Title & Bio

Promise Statement

Tag Line

Elevator Pitch

Positioning Yourself as an Expert

Building Side Businesses

Surrouding Yourself with a Team


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "work" that I need to do on top of watching the videos?

How Long are the Videos?

Is there an Exam?

What score do I need to pass the Quiz?

What if I have questions during the course?

If you want to become a BUSINESS PRO and really make a difference in your business while skipping the mistakes that Nathalie made, act today. Become a BUSINESS PRO.

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