Did last week make you hungry? I shared a major downfall I had some years ago, and how I got rid of it. If you missed it, make sure you check out "How To Overcome Your Downfalls" HERE.

This week is all about money. What keeps us from making money? Let me share something very personal with you in the video below…

When I was in my twenties, I sold a business. I’m going to be honest with you, I made the kind of money that would have allowed me to kind of take it easy for the rest of my life and not have to work that hard. Do you know what I mean?

Two years later, where was the money that I had made? It was gone! Actually, that's what’s quite embarrassing. I had a limiting belief that somehow, when you make more money, you spend more money, so you just always end up to living paycheque to paycheque.

When I changed this limiting belief, I really started to make some money. That belief was eating away at my confidence. And believe me, your bank account really is affected by the confidence factor.

People want to work with confident people! Confidence is attractive. It's sexy. It drives business. If you feel confident, your business will be impacted for sure.

Would you work with a business coach that sounds unsure of what they have to offer? "Okay, so, let's try this. No, wait, let me check my book. I'm not so sure. Maybe THIS is going to work for your business, but I don’t know for sure. Let me look it up. I don't really know what I'm doing. I'm kind of a fraud." Of course not! You need confidence in order to attract clients. Everybody is attracted to confident people.

Can you imagine yourself saying: "Well, my fee was that much when I met my clients in person, but now, since everything is online, I have to charge less.” Absolutely not. No way. You're not worth less because you made it more convenient for them. They don't even have to drive anywhere now to have access to your services. What is it that makes you feel you should just give away your services for free? You have to stop devaluing yourself.

There are so many people that do the same thing as us, so sometimes, we think: "Why would somebody pay for me? There are so many other people that would do it for free." Well, because you rock, that’s why! 

I know a lady in Toronto that charges $160 per hour to train with her. You may think: "Oh, she probably is this amazing master trainer, with 20 years of experience under her belt." Not at all… She took a weekend course and immediately started charging 160 bucks per hour. Do you know why? Because she's confident. Nonetheless, her schedule is full, too: 10 hours a day.

People pay for confidence. If this woman can charge $160 without a ton of experience, you can too, you and all your experience and knowledge. You have something that people need. You have the qualifications, the ability, the "know-how", the education needed to provide a solution to their problem. Your job is to make people feel great. They don't only pay for the one hour spent with you, in your office, you know. What you do for them translates to their day-to-day life.

You have invested time and money to acquire all the knowledge you have today.

Here’s a tip: When you tell people what your fee is, practice saying it with confidence before you actually tell someone. How does it sound coming out of your mouth? When I increased my one-on-one rate to $250 per hour, I had to get used to the idea of charging that much before I could actually say it out loud without choking. I gave myself a whole year to practice when I changed my fee for my keynotes to 5000$.

Otherwise, every time I would say it, I would flinch. I had to say it out loud many, many times before I could actually say it with confidence. Practice! Be confident about your worth.

I know the impact I can have on an audience, and it's worth a lot more than five grand for any organization when I have a speaking engagement.

I know the impact that I have with my one on one clients or my business mentorship clients. 

I have hundreds of testimonials of people telling me how much working with me has propelled their business and transformed their whole life, professional AND personal.

Think about all the clients that you've helped. It was worth a lot more than what you charged them, wasn’t it?  We are not selling. We are solving, we are serving.

Still, let me tell you, it's not your fault. We were raised with limiting beliefs that created this thought process. Our parents told us you needed to work hard for your money. "Money doesn't grow on trees." Has anyone else heard that when they were kids?

Don't let any of those limiting beliefs about lack of self-confidence keep you from making money by living your purpose. If you want to know more about the keys of financial confidence, download my free guide, "10 Common Behaviours of Financially Confident People".

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