Last week's blog about the unknown of 2021, has kickstarted the new year. If you missed it, you can catch up HERE.

"How are we still standing?" We ask. There was a lot of wind in 2020 and again this week in the USA. Watch the video below or read the transcript to discover what my answer to this question is.

We've lost a lot of leaves and we've bent over backwards this past year. We've done lots of adapting, but guess what? Our roots are deep. Our roots are solid. We were born for this. 

Our brain has the capacity to adapt. We are able to deal with this. Whatever is happening in our world, we are able to face it. We're part of this as a collective. Granted, we might have to fly higher, we might have to work at a higher level now. But we have to be able to concentrate and see things outside the box, find where the wind is going to help us. And if we have to fight against the wind, we can do it together. We can collaborate. We can work together, because these are times that unite us all. Find your alignments, find the people that you want to align with and find how you can work together. We're all in this together.

Your brain is made to send a bio-magnetic pulse through your body, making it follow the truth that your brain believes. If you believe that you are capable of going through anything, that this shall pass, like everything else, then your brain will definitely deliver. There's nothing more powerful than what you have in between your two ears.

You got this. Your brain will destroy whatever obstacle is in its way, because that's its job. It knows how to adapt, how to transform, how to make things work. Trust that you have everything that you need in order to build 2021 like you dream of. Even if we've had a very interesting 2020, it does not mean that it didn’t generate ideas and possibilities for 2021.

So how are we still standing? We are still standing because of our deep roots, because we are working together as a collective and because of our ability to adapt, to create new neural pathways. We're capable of adapting and doing this. Let's do it together in 2021.


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