Are you familiar with "brain fog"? You know, the feeling when things are just not the way you want them to be, when your thinking is sluggish, fuzzy and not as sharp as it should be? I like to think of it like a glass of water... This week, reading the blog won’t really give you the whole experience. It is best to watch the following video for the visuals. Click on the image to watch it. And yes of course, you have the transcription below.

Pretend that your life is a glass of water. At the beginning, you can see clearly, you can see right through the glass and it's absolutely amazing. Life is good. Then, as you age, you go through events and these events sometimes will cloud your water a little bit. It's as if someone poured a tiny bit of milk in your glass to make it blurry. This is brain fog. You are not thinking clearly, you're looking for your glasses, but they're on your head. Things are not the way you would like them to be, or you're just not happy, you're not feeling it. You are stressed by many different things.

A lot of people commented and got back to me last week when I posted my blog about the guy in the bar that drinks three beers, and then two beers, and then one beer and says: "Hey, I don't understand. The less I drink, the more I get drunk." Well, it's the accumulation of everything that makes you become in a certain state. The same thing goes for brain fog. There is an accumulation of many little things, and finally, a tiny little thing like breaking a glass gets you very upset. It's because your glass might already be very cloudy, and now it's the drop that makes it go over.

You have been surrounded by tools. If you've been following my blog for a little while, I've given you the two-step technique already. If you don't have it, it's available on HERE. You also have access to what to do when you're in prefrontal cortex overload, when you have a delivery truck in your driveway that's bringing you some negative emotions. I've told you about your personal assistant. I've given you a lot of tools already, and all these tools are things that you can use in order to "uncloud" your life. 

It's like if you poured new, clear water into your clouded glass. The clear, fresh water represents all the good habits that you will implement into your life. You will start doing your affirmations, using the two-step technique that I taught you, talking to your personal assistant, you'll have better sleep because you'll have completed my THINK Yourself® ASLEEP course, you'll have better health because you'll have completed the THINK Yourself® HEALTHY course, and eventually, with time and with all these new good habits, you'll be back to a clear glass of water, to a clear life, to seeing clearly, to having access to your best you, to your best thinking, because you are absolutely amazing. 

It's just that sometimes, our vision is blurred by some events that happened, that caused our brain fog.

Let's talk about another option that you may have. All these things that I've mentioned before take time. Let's start over. The glass, the milk, and the blur. You start feeling brain fog. There is another solution. You can seek professional help. This is what I do: we will turn your glass around, empty it, and get rid of it right away, and then you can pour back fresh new water in it and continue with your good habits.

I use multiple processes. Some processes are as short as 15 minutes. A simple virtual coffee together could empty your blurred glass and allow you a fresh start. Some other times, you may have been through traumatic events that will require longer processes. One protocol that I use works is with a series of safe visualizations. It's a five-hour process (which is actually really short when you consider some people have been stuck for years), and it has been scientifically proven to work with over 90% of clients suffering with PTSD. It's called the RTM protocol and it will help you get past any trauma, anything that may have happened to you, or even an accumulation of things. It stands for Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories and was developed by Dr Frank Bourke, who worked closely with firefighters after 9/11. I've been using this protocol with my clients for over a year, and I must say that my success rate is 100% so far. It has worked every single time.

You don't have to have been to war to have PTSD and take advantage of the RTM protocol. I've helped women with abuse. I've worked with a woman whose daughter got abducted. I have helped a young man who had two very rough years as a teenager. Whatever the trauma, the problem is not the memory of the trauma itself. Like this woman I've helped whose husband passed away in a tragic way. That was 20 years ago and still, she was still not living her best life. She was still affected by it.

Sometimes, what happens is when you remember a moment, it's in the past, it should not be affecting you, but the recollection of this memory will trigger sweating or heart racing or terror or fear or helplessness, anxiety, and panic. That impacts the body at a neurological level. After the five-hour process, usually split over 4 sessions, you are able to talk about the event in the same way that if you had just run out of toothpaste, because you will have disconnected the emotions from the event.

Now this process is in the case of PTSD. Sometimes, one hour is enough to tweak something and get rid of just that little thing, like that little drop of milk in your glass of water. That one little thing that may have caused for you to feel that brain fog. Sometimes, a quick 15-minute call will do it, and I'm happy to give you a FREE 15-minute virtual coffee, if I can help. There are different processes, different protocols for everything.  So continue to use your good habits because as I showed in the first instance of this blog, if you continue to pour water long enough, even though it will take time, you will see clearly again. Keep up the good habits and keep stacking them.

And if you want to fast track, feel free to give me a shout.


I help people get rid of all the little things that may be holding them back with specific processes at the unconscious level.

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