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As spring is coming along, you may feel the need for a great spring cleaning. Getting rid of all the stuff you have accumulated throughout the year, of all the temporary stuff that was not meant to stay for a while but that somehow did... You probably guessed I'm not just talking about your house, right?

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I'm talking about your mind. I'm talking about doing a spring cleaning in our own mind. In the past few years, a lot of new items might have gotten left in our "home" and things may have accumulated. Let's take a step back and ask ourselves if it was meant to be a temporary thing.

For example, maybe you set up a temporary office in your kitchen so you could work from home during the pandemic, but it slowly became a long-term solution, and now, you're still uncomfortable and hurting your back working on the kitchen table.

We may have implemented some bad habits throughout the year. It's time to clean! For every task that you do, ask yourself: "Do I really need to do this? Or this should go in the box of the things that I'm going to give away?" Things like bad habits are definitely going to the dump, though. No one needs them. Stress, resentment, anger, frustration, anxiety... To the trash they go!

On the other hand, there are lots of things that we want to keep. New methods, new techniques, new things that we have accumulated in the past two years that are serving us, that we're actually happy about. Technology, for example. A lot of us were not comfortable on Zoom before, and now we've learned so many tips and tricks that it's a no-brainer! Of course, stuff like this goes in the box we'll keep.

It's time. Have a look at your life right now. Professionally speaking, are you more efficient? Are there things you want to change? On a personal level, what's going on? Are you maybe drinking more than you'd like? Would you like to lose a few pounds? Maybe it's time to revert back to the real you. As long as you start thinking that this is temporary and it's not permanent, and that you can get rid of these things that are holding you back. Put them in the box to give away or to send to the dump.

And if there's something that you like (maybe you started exercising more, maybe you started to eat better, maybe you started to sleep better), keep it! Have a look at your relationships as well. How is it going with your boss, your coworkers, your friends, your coach? How is it going for love and romance for you right now? Is it time to take a step back and reflect to get rid of the bad habits and the temporary things?

What is it that you want to spring clean in your head, in your mindset? Have a beautiful week everyone, and hopefully you have some cleaning coming up!


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