Today, let's talk about lessons we can take away from bunnies. Click on the link to watch the following video or keep reading for more...


The first lesson is this one: You know how people say if you get a couple of bunnies, very soon, you will have a whole bunch, because they multiply very fast? Well, ideas are like bunnies. If you have one idea yourself, you might be stuck on it for a while, but if you start sharing with others and you start asking others for ideas, like a brainstorm (I do personally have friends in a mastermind group, and we generate so many ideas together), ideas will multiply. As you start sharing with others, that's when you can get a lot more ideas, just like the little bunnies multiplying. 


The second lesson comes from the saying: "You can't catch two bunnies at once." And it's true because you need to focus. It's very important that you start focusing on one thing. When you set up your goals, it's better to go after one thing at a time. Focus on one thing and dedicate your resources to it.


The third lesson comes from this same saying: "You can't catch two bunnies at once." Well, I know we just established that you can't chase two rabbits at once, but on the other hand, why not? We actually can catch two bunnies at once if we delegate. If you're not alone in your team, if you get some people to help you, then it's absolutely possible. If you delegate, obviously you will be able to catch more than one rabbit at a time. Before you complete a task, ask yourself if you have to be the one completing it. If you focus on one goal (as per the previous lesson), take all the tasks that are dedicated to achieving it and split them between different people. You can be all working together towards this goal. 

That's what you do in corporations. When I work with corporate teams, we leverage every team member’s internal drivers to give them confidence in what they are good at and what they bring to the team. Delegating a task to those who are better than you at it helps you catch more than one rabbit. It also ensures collaboration, and that instills performance, everyone working together towards one goal! 

Hopefully, you had a good time with the bunnies this morning, and you'll have a great day. 


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