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"How to get rich". This is certainly a question that is typed multiple times on Google. 9,300 times, actually, in the past month. Wouldn't it be nice if there was one simple answer to that question, one simple trick to get rich? The thing is, being rich has multiple definitions. What does "being rich" mean for you? What will that do for you, if you get there? This is part one of a two-part series on being rich. Keep reading or watch the video below for more.

Recently, mindset has become in the forefront of this whole "rich" mentality. Even Kevin Harrington from the Shark Tank has contacted me to ask that I write a chapter about mindset and confidence in his next book, "Cracking the Rich Code". The book is coauthored by Jim Britt and is going to be endorsed by Tony Robbins. As you can see, highly successful people in the big leagues agree that confidence and mindset play a huge part in cracking the rich code.

In the course of this two-part series, we will go over six different keys to crack that rich code.

Key #1. Identify & Transform Limiting beliefs

Identify and transform the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from wealth. You have heard me talk many, many times about the six neurological levels, the six different parts of a person's self.

At the "Beliefs & Values" level, there are some things that are keeping you from making money, like the belief that when you make more money, you spend more money, for example, so you always live paycheck to paycheck. Identify what could be the limiting beliefs that you have: "I have to work hard for my money. Money doesn't grow on trees. I'm a shopaholic." That last one is at the "Identity" level (I am…), where lots of things may be as well: "I am an imposter. Why would people pay for my services? Why would I get this raise? Why would I apply for this position? I am not good enough."

Identifying what those limiting beliefs about who you are and about what you believe is the first step. Then, you have to transform them by using my Two-Step Technique. Start by putting them in the past: "I used to think that I was a shopaholic." Then, add a progressive statement: "Now I'm willing to learn what it is that I have to learn, I'm willing to change that. I'm in the process of changing that."

Catch yourself every single time you think something about money that is not serving you.

Key #2. Know Your Money & Live Within your Means

There's no need to put your head in the sand because you don't want to look at it. You don't want to know, you don't want to track, and you certainly don't want to know where your money is going, because then you'll feel guilty, right?

Take a month or two (or three) and track your expenses. Maybe you'll realize that you may need to adjust some of your expenses and some of your income. Living within your means might mean you deciding to stay home a little bit more and watch a movie on the couch instead of going out. What changes can you make so that you can start following the money that you've tracked?

Key #3. Increase Your Means

Of course, as I mentioned earlier, live within your means... But if you want more than your means, then maybe you need that promotion. Maybe you need to expand your business. Maybe you need to sell more. Maybe you need to ask for that raise. Maybe you need to charge more for your services. Maybe you need a part-time job.

One thing's for sure: People pay for confidence. People pay for someone who is absolutely sure of themself. People will give a raise to somebody that is confident. So, the very first thing you want to work on, if you want to increase your means, is to increase your own confidence. Confidence is sexy, it's attractive, and people pay for confidence.

If you're an entrepreneur, what do you have to offer? Or, if you're working for an organization, what is your role within the organization, why do they need you? Be creative and try to find how else you can make money.

Let's recap. We've got the three first keys out of the six: 1. Identify and transform the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from being wealthy. 2. Know your money and live within your means. By the way, I have a great tool for that. Go HERE and download the money tracker that was created in collaboration with Lynn Williams, a certified financial planner. We created the THINK Yourself® WEALTHY course together, and we thought of offering a free money tracker. Increase your means. Find different ways to make money, make more, and maybe get something else part-time.

See you next week for part two!


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