How do you celebrate success? I came up with 10 ways to do so in my blog last week... You can read or watch it HERE if you missed it.

I'm standing here by this amazing, amazing tree that, funnily enough, I had not really noticed until about a week ago. Very interesting, as it is in my backyard! It made me think...

This tree is massive. It is huge, and yet, I had never noticed it until my husband pointed it out. We were sitting inside, and he said: "I have to take you on a trip. I'm going to show you something phenomenal." So we leave the house, we walk for about five seconds, and then he says: "We have arrived. This is what I wanted to show you. This tree." I start really looking at it and I think: "This is an amazing tree!" We run by this tree twice a week. I walk by it all the time. Hundreds of people walk right past it, since it's right by a public path just behind our house.

Where am I going with this? Well, I'm thinking about the wisdom that's in this tree. I'm thinking about the years and years it has been here. It was here way before I was, before our grandparents, probably. And yet, it was not noticed. It's the most majestic thing ever. It has years of experience on me, and somehow, I had not noticed it.

That's what happens very often when we get super busy. We want to work on our business, on our career, we go fast and we keep ourselves so busy that we don't notice that around us, there are all these majestic things, all these resources, all these people around us that have a lot more experience than we do, and we avoid them or we ignore them.

There is so much advice that people could give us, there is so much help that we could get from people around us and yet, sometimes, we're too busy to notice! My blog this week is just to help you remember to open your eyes and notice what is around you, because very often, we're working towards a goal and yet, we have everything available in front of us to achieve it... But we can't see it, because we're too busy with our head down and grinding, and hustling.

Who is it in your life that has more experience than you have? Who is it that could help you? Can you pick up the phone today and call somebody that you know, that has already done what you're trying to do so that maybe they can help you? There's tons of wisdom available to you. You've seen the inside of a tree, right? Layers and layers and layers of experience, of age, of knowledge. Let's expand our circles and let's gain in wisdom and in majesty, because we have everything that we need around us.

I will certainly be going on my run now with my eyes wide open and noticing everything that is around me, and I'll be doing the same thing for my business. I'm going to be looking for more help and be willing to ask. It may be professional help too! I've been known to hire a lot of people around me, and it's always a great investment when I invest in myself, thinking I can fast track my way there by going to somebody that knows how to do this.

It was a short blog this week. Make sure that you pay more attention. Have a fantastic week, everyone, have a majestic week, and enjoy the beauty around you.

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