Welcome to part two of the "How to Get Rich" series. Last week, we went over three first keys in order to get rich. You can catch up HERE if you missed it. Today, let's go over the remaining three keys. Watch the following video or keep reading for more...

Key #4. Identify What the Real Purpose Is

Why do you want to make money in the first place? Maybe you want to go on more holidays. The thing is, your goal should be to love making money instead, so that the holiday then comes naturally. Try working on enjoying the way that you are bringing money into your bank account. If you hate what you're doing, and all you want to do is be on holiday and NOT work, then maybe it's time you start gaining new skills in order to get a different job! We spend most of our time at work, so we might as well enjoy it.

Remember the layers of a person's self? Well, very often, people try to fix an Identity or a Purpose problem with an Environmental solution. This is why it's important that you identify what the real reasons behind your actions are. Yes, maybe you want to have things, but the things themselves are not really going to cut it if the problem is elsewhere.

For example, if you have a feeling you're not enough, then you may try to fix this problem by buying designer clothes or an expensive car. Clothes are not going to fix a problem that's at the Identity level, because they are an Environmental solution. Get it?

how to get rich

Here's another example. If somebody that is unhealthy decides to turn their life around and start exercising and eating right, but they still have the belief that will gain the weight they lose right back, they can't fix the problem with behaviors, with exercise and nutrition. It's not going to work. You need to fix the problem where it is, which in this case, is at the beliefs level.

The first step is figuring out exactly what it is that you want. That's how I work with my clients. We always go from: "What is important to you? Why are we doing all of that?" And I always start with a value interview. From there, we break it down into figuring out what is holding them back. Some people will take huge amounts of courses. Those are skills. Yes, maybe you do need to take the course because you need the skills, but maybe the problem is at the Identity level as well. We need to figure out where the problem is.

Key #5. Identify Another Way to Reach That Purpose

Once you've identified, what the real purpose is, figure out if there's another way to reach that purpose. For example, maybe what you really want is for people to respect you. That's why you spent so much money on a big house and a fancy car. Well, there are ways for people to respect you that do not cost anything, trust me.

You can do it with actions. You don't have to do it with money. We're not buying anybody's respect. The previous key has helped you figure out what your real goal is, and now, we're finding another way to fulfill this purpose.

Take somebody with a really bad smoking habit, for example. When they took on smoking as a teenager, their goal, their real purpose was they wanted to feel that they belonged or feel cool. They don't need a cigarette for that! Once they've identified what the real reason behind this bad habit was, then they can find another way to reach that purpose. Sure, they wanted to feel like they were part of the gang when they were a teenager, but they don't need this anymore.

Key #6. Have a Talk With Yourself

Have a talk with yourself. Once you've completed all five keys, make a plan and stick with it.

"Okay, this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to make more money. I will be identifying what my purpose is, what really is important to me. Maybe I'll take on a part-time job. I will stick to the expenses that I'm supposed to make. I won't need to spend any extra money on things that I don't need, because I know what to do."

Before we conclude this two-part series, I'd like to tell you about a very handy tool we developed just for you. Do you know what your money mindset is? Are you a spender or are you a saver? Take the short MONEY MINDSET QUIZ and figure out what your money management behaviour is.

Hopefully, you had a good time tagging along the "How to Get Rich" two-part series. These quick six keys are some you can apply as soon as today!


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