Last week's blog was about something I have walked right past for 12 years now, without ever noticing it... you can read or watch it HERE if you missed it.

Pretend you're driving on the highway and you see this huge billboard, this huge sign that says: "Do nothing". You drive past it every day, and every day you see the same message. "Do nothing." At some point, it will work its way into your brain...

It leads you to believe that it is not worth it, that you should not even try. Then, later on, you see another sign: "It is impossible." You drive past both those signs every day, over and over again, and your brain registers the messages it sees continuously. You keep being exposed to this negativity.

Somehow, it does influence the way you think, because our environment has a lot of influence on us. Our brain has the ability to generalize, and while is most cases, it's a good thing, when it comes to negative experiences or challenges that we have faced a few times, it is not so much. Eventually, we start to believe that we should just do nothing, because it is impossible.

Even though we don't want these constant subliminal messages, we just can't help it. Not only do we have to deal with our own negative self-talk, society is not really helping our cause by broadcasting these negative messages all the time. As soon as we turn on the news, as soon as we have a chat with our friends, and if we have not done a great job at choosing our friends or at spending less time with some potential toxic family members, then we get polluted with these messages. "Do nothing. It's impossible."

I would like to invite you to take a step back and gain perspective. When you take some time to clean up your brain, when you take some time to transform some of your limiting beliefs, you can achieve a huge transformation. Sometimes, the only thing you need is to step back and change your mindset so that those two signs become something VERY different.

As a transformation expert and a confidence expert, I help you look inside your brain to see what limiting beliefs you could benefit from changing. It makes a big difference. Combine both signs together, and "Do Nothing. It Is Impossible." becomes "Do It. Nothing Is Impossible." If you recreate a new reality with this, you could observe that the message has totally changed. When we clean up our mindset, that is what can happen. All of a sudden, very negative messages could be put together in a different order to create a new reality, something that is supporting you instead of holding you back.

Listen for the messages, take a step back, gain some perspective. When you change your mindset, then everything unfolds. Start changing the way that you see things so that you end up believing that you can do it, because yes... Everything is possible.


Perhaps we can do this together. Book your FREE Virtual Coffee with me and let's start the process of getting you unstuck!

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