I used to HATE selling! Oh my! I knew I was great at what I do and that my services would totally transform my clients. I knew I could help, but man, did I hate selling myself! I would have given anything for someone to just do it for me and I would just show up to a perfect line-up of clients every day without having to “sell”!!!

Rings a bell? Any entrepreneurs out there can relate?

One day, it clicked. I had just had an informal call with a prospective client and I had explained what I could do for her and how it would transform her life, etc. and I have to say, I felt pretty proud of myself. I was bang on with examples, I had scripted my “sales pitch”, I knew everything I had to say and I was confident going into the call. Well! I did not get it! I was totally sure that I had gotten a new client. When I hung up, I even started to open a new client file, certain that she was signing up for a coaching package with me. The truth is, she was just very polite and did not want to disappoint me, so she pretended to be interested.

If I had been more aware of what she was saying and listened to her more, I would have totally picked up on it. But I was so busy narrating my “speech” to her, that I had totally missed the opportunity to find out what she needed. I had not even tried to find out what type of personality she was, nor was I trying to match it.

That’s when I realized that I needed to become better at listening. I needed to become better at reading people and really “get” them. After all, the work I do is quite transformational and happens at a deep level. So it is imperative that my clients trust me in order to feel comfortable with me helping them reprogram their thoughts and mindset. It is only when I started to genuinely be interested in my prospect clients and really listen to what they said and be really curious about what could even be behind their sentences that I actually started to be successful at selling.

I don’t consider myself a good salesperson per say. I don’t really sell. I now “serve”. I “solve”. I “listen”.

Fast track a decade later, I now even wrote a book on communication, relationships, sales, collaboration, influence, getting along. Using the STYLE-L.I.S.T. personality assessment tool, the book takes you on a journey of discovery, firstly of your own personality style and how to interact with people of other styles.

Here is an excerpt on the chapter on selling to one of the four personality types: the LEADER.

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If you want to know what STYLE-L.I.S.T. you are, CLICK HERE to take the quick test and find out in seconds if you are a THINKER, and INFLUENCER, a SUPPORTER or a LEADER.

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Here is what you should focus on when you sell to a Leader:

They like to hear the facts only (benefits) and they want quick results, so focus on the immediate outcomes as well as the long-term wins. Leaders do not need to hear rationalization (or what other people think) and they do not need elaborate detail. Do provide options so they have an ability to choose what they want.

Do not waste time with details or discussion. Be on point (therefore well-prepared), organized, straight forward, and direct (confident).  Speak efficiently (and pace your words so they flow quickly).

In order to move to a decision, Leaders know what they want, so be prepared to close the sale quickly using language such as: “Is there anything you need to make a decision today?”

To overcome objections: Prepare options with probabilities for each and be prepared to back each option with facts. Allow space in the conversation for the Leader to review the information—let them make the decision. If you cannot overcome their objection on the first go, ask questions that help you understand what the Leader still needs in order to make a decision. “What information would you need from me in order to make a decision today?”


Here are some arguments you would give a Leader when you are selling them an online course.

  • As you probably know, 95 per cent of Fortune 100 entrepreneurs are involved in on-going education. You most likely are too as you are, in my humble opinion, hugely successful.
  • Think about how you can leverage what you learn in the course with your team.
  • You can really position yourself as the leader in your industry with this knowledge.
  • It’s not for everybody, only people that are really serious about their career will get on this program.
  • It is totally worth the risk as only the best in this field will get the full benefit, and more than likely that will be you.


You want to see the latest Star Wars movie and need to convince a Leader, firstly, to go to a movie, and secondly, to go to this specific one.

You: “We haven’t been to a movie in a long time.” (Let them solve your problem, don’t be the one suggesting, let them make the decision.)

Leader: “Why don’t we go this week?”

You: “The thing is, I have something on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights already, and we have a function on Friday. Not sure when we could go.”

Leader: “Well, what about Tuesday?”

You: “Brilliant, that could work. What movie do you want to see?”

Leader: “We should go see the latest superhero movie.”

You: “Yeah, a superhero movie sounds great. I heard that the latest Star Wars movie has the best reviews and had the biggest budget of all of them so far. Not sure if that interests you or not?”

Leader: “Yes, that could work too, I’d watch that movie.”

You: “Tuesday is opening night for Star Wars, so we would be the first ones to see it! You decide, whatever you think…”

Leader: “Let’s do it!”

The Leader thinks he made the decision and is happy with it.


  • Facts.
  • Fast-paced.
  • Future-focused.

This was an excerpt from my No.1 Bestseller THINK Yourself@ A RELATIONSHIPS PRO written in collaboration with behaviour Expert Maureen Hagan. Find out more in the book HERE.


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