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What is the worst enemy of great? What is the worst enemy of amazing, of fantastic, of reaching your goals, of succeeding? Why aren't we reaching our goals? Why aren't we realizing our dreams? Watch the following video or read the transcript below to know my take on these hard questions.

Why do we start, then keep going until it gets good, and then just stop? What happens? It's because sometimes, during the process, we get to good and good is the enemy of great. Once we're good, we're good. We're not hungry anymore. We're not starving anymore.

Let's say you have a big failure. Either you lose your job, or you are in real trouble, and you hit rock bottom. It's like a kick in the chaggeedoowah! You know that you have to roll up your sleeves and start working, so you get to it. You start working hard, because you don't have a choice. Because if you don't, that's the end. We are very good at operating under a lot of pressure, because we're hungry. We want it, we need it because there's no other choice.

Then, once we start working on our goals, and it gets kind of good, we catch what I call the not-too-bad-itis. The not-too-bad-itis is a disease that we catch when we look at what we're doing and think: "Hmm... Not too bad!"

When people want to get in shape, they set a target. They wanna lose 20 pounds. After they've lost five pounds, think: "Hey, I'm feeling better." And then they lose 10 pounds. They look at themselves in the mirror and think: "Hey, that's not too bad. Well, I guess I'm going to start eating burgers and fries again, because I'm good!" Right? When people are building their business and all of a sudden, the business is starting to make money, they think: "Whoa, good! Well, I can stop trying to find new clients now, because I've got a couple and they're paying. I guess I'm fine!"

Surviving gives a lot more energy than thriving, but once we're good, we tend to stop while instead, we should keep going so that we can thrive! Because if we just constantly keep the status quo, it's very easy. We just have to work a little, then add a little bit more sometimes... And we feel like we don't even have to take risks. We don't have to make a choice.

See this as if you had one leg on each side of a crevice and that crevice is going to keep getting bigger and bigger until one day you will have to make a choice. You can't just stay with one foot on each side and just say: "Well, I'm just going to hang here." That crevice is getting bigger and wider. Sooner than later, you will have to choose a side. Do you want the side you will choose to be the side of thriving and success, or the side of surviving, of always going down until you work a little bit, and then you get to “good”, and then you go back down, etc.?

Sooner or later, these three or four clients that you got will move on, or these 10 little pounds that you lost are going to come back if you don't keep going. You're going to have to make a choice sooner or later. You might as well just step on that good side, on the success side and say: "You know what? I'm going to keep going and I'm going to keep working on it."

Find YOUR success trap. What small successes do you have that may be holding you back? What about your relationships? What if you are in a good relationship? Not awesome, but good? A lot of people tolerate some people around them because they're good. It's not awesome, it's just "good enough". Right? Well, stop that "good enough" and start thriving. Start working for what you want, because you are worth it. You have one life. There's no need to be satisfied with just good. You can do better than that. Start working for it and then start thriving and start accessing all the power that you have inside you, because you can do this.

If you can dream it, it means that somehow, inside, you have everything that it takes to reach your goals. So, don’t stop at “good”, get to “great”.


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