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The other day, I was at one of my girlfriends' house, waiting for her to come outside so we could go for a walk. I smelled something incredible, but couldn't quite tell what it was. Watch the following video or read the transcript below for the answer to this mystery...

She comes out and we go for our walk, standing six feet apart (you know the drill, right?) and when we get back to her house, I can still smell this mysterious, amazing thing! I don't understand what's going on! This was about three weeks ago too, so the flowers weren't even out yet. I lean over this bush, and I realize that that's what smelling. She says: "Well, this is my lilac bush!" But the lilac is not out yet, at all. What's the deal? Well, the fragrance, the beautiful smell, was actually in the stem.

This is very cool, because the exact same thing applies to us. Our amazing fragrance is inside us. Even if sometimes, the beautiful flowers are not out yet, we still have, inside, all this beautiful potential. Everything that we are is from the inside, just like the fragrance was in the stem. We have an amazing brain. We have everything that we need inside. We are so powerful, the most complex and powerful structure of the universe is inside our head! And combined to that, there's our personality. There's all the information we have, all of our past experiences. Somehow, we have all the different solutions that we need within ourselves.

But here's the problem: It's like we have a drawer that you open when you're looking for answer. The thing is, there's so much stuff that has piled up on top of this answer that you're looking for, that you can't see it. We are going through life. We are accumulating experiences. We are going through stuff. And as we go through stuff, things pile up in our drawer. Whenever you need to respond to an event, the drawer gets opened. You're looking for an answer to respond to whatever is happening, but very often, you respond with the thing that's on top of the other stuff.

Let's say you're cooking in the kitchen, and your daughter comes behind you and says: "Hey, mommy!" And you turn around and you go: "What?! (angrily)"

Whoops. This is not how you wanted to respond. Deep down in your drawer, you know what you wanted to say. You wanted to say: "Hey, sweetie, what can I do for you?" (with a smile). But unfortunately, there was this stress from the office on top of the drawer. There was this financial burden that you have, or the impact of a very unfortunate situation that you're going through. All these things are piled up on top of the rest, and we unfortunately respond with that.

My job is to help people get rid of the junk that's in this drawer so that they don't have to carry all that stuff anymore. Let me know if you would like to have a virtual coffee so we can discuss the fastest way to do that.

Deep down inside us, we have everything that we need in order to be fully successful, and to grow these beautiful, amazing flowers. Feel this fragrance inside you and understand that you have everything that you need inside. The best way to do this, the best way to get rid of all the junk in your drawer is to figure out what you've learned from all these past experiences. Once you figure out what you've learned, that's when you can start getting rid of what's in your drawer, and then you can discover that you have everything you need to grow these beautiful flowers and to live at your full potential.

The best way to find that deep confidence, to find your true self and to live at your full potential is to really trust that you have the fragrance inside you. It's there! Just get rid of the junk that's on top and then embrace these beautiful flowers that you can generate just from the power that's already inside you.


No, right? We don't judge our friends for going to the dentist. It's perfectly normal! Food gets stuck, and the dentist has special tools to remove all the unwanted stuff. If you have a cavity, brushing your teeth and flossing won't get rid of it. You need the dentist's special tools to get rid of that. 

So even though you have a great life and you're positive, there might be some little cavities. And that's what I do. I help my clients with special processes to get rid of old limiting beliefs and past negative self-talk and create good habits for themselves.

Let's have a virtual coffee together and let's figure out how I can help you get rid of your old cavities.

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