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Have you started reading Barack Obama’s book, A Promised Land, yet? I have. It came out November 17th, and I downloaded it on audible so I could listen to it in the morning, while I do my pushups! My husband laughs at me because I keep saying I work out with Barack every morning.

When he was a member of the Senate, and he was contemplating running for President of the United States, he thought it was way too early at first. He thought since he was relatively new in the politic scene, it was probably too early. He thought: “I need at least another 10 years before I can actually be considered." He had a discussion with Ted Kennedy and Kennedy told him: "10 more years in the Senate is not going to make you a better president."

Barack kept saying: "Yeah, but I think it's just not my time. It's not time yet." Ted Kennedy then said:

"You don't choose your time, time chooses you."

Somehow, it stayed with me and I realized his message was very relevant, especially today, in the world that we live in right now. We didn't choose this. We didn't choose the pandemic. We did not choose the big issues that are being denounced in the world. And yet, time chose us.

Day in and day out, as a business mentor, I get clients and almost all of them ask me to help them move their business online. And to all of them, I always ask: "Is this the first time you're thinking about doing this, or have you been thinking about that for years?" And they always respond that yes, that they’ve been wanting to do this for years, but that IT WAS NOT TIME YET. It seems like now, time has chosen us. Time has decided that it was time, that we must do something.

If there's anything that is on the back burner for you right now, something that you feel is just not time to do yet… Something that makes you feel like maybe, someday, when “this” happens, you will do it… I would like you to reconsider your decision and maybe understand that you don't choose your time. Very often, time chooses you.

So whenever there is an opportunity, even if you're not ready, jump on it, act, do it, put your hand up. Every single time that there is a chance for you to do something, put your hand up and trust that it is your time, that time chose you. Trust that time has just sent you a message and said: " Yep, it's your time. Go ahead. " Remember this message.

I actually love “reading” auto-biographies. Well… I'm “listening to them”, as I said earlier. I love to listen to books while I cook, while I go for a walk, when I work out in the morning… I'm constantly listening to books. And the reason why I really love biographies or autobiographies from successful people is that it does not matter if I know them or not, or if they’re connected exactly to what I do. I read two or three books a week sometimes when they're shorter. Going through a book is quite fast when somebody reads it to you in your ears, while you're doing something else. Sometimes, my husband asks me if I actually know this person, and I answer: " No, I've never heard of them, but they're very successful. " Because if they're successful, that means I can learn something from them. My job is to coach people to success, and my goal personally is to be successful as well! Who doesn't want to be successful?

My mom used to tell me:

"You can't put your hand in a bucket of glue without some of that glue sticking."

Well, that's what I'm doing every week; I'm trying to listen to motivational and inspiring stories, so that these learnings stick on me, somehow. To be honest, I do believe that my mom was telling me this because she wanted me to stay away from the bad crowd at school, but I think I got the message. We must surround ourselves with people that are successful. And by hearing their stories and the way they think, and things that happened to them, very often, we can relate to a portion of their story. Sometimes, their story is really far from my reality and I think: " Whoa, this is just for the rich and famous, I can't relate to this at all." But there's always a way I can bring it back to my own life and learn a lesson.

Today, my lesson was this : You don't choose your time. Time chooses you.

Stay open, stay aware, be receptive, be keen and be willing because when time chooses you, you need to go ahead and jump right into it.


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