Lack of confidence is a sneaky productivity killer. Now, how is confidence connected to productivity? Watch the following video or keep reading to find out...

Things are going fast, and as fast as they are going right now, they will never be this slow again. It's going to keep going faster and faster. So how do you keep your calm and stay confident when you're going a hundred miles an hour? Do you feel confident when you cut corners? Are the changes that we're going through constantly nagging at your confidence?

Of course, the truth is: Change is real, and it's not going anywhere, and the pace is only going to quicken. I can't teach you how to magically avoid what changes are coming, and there's no secret formula to somehow walk around an obstacle and keep going unscathed. But that's okay. Change isn't a bad thing.

In fact, change can turn out to be a very good thing sometimes. Most times, when we look back, the difference between being sunk by a sudden change and navigating past it successfully is your self-confidence. That's what I teach my clients: How to access their full confidence and gain the tools they need in order face the changes that are going to keep coming. By the way, last week's blog was about that "new normal" we have to settle into. Check it out HERE if you missed it.

The bottom line is confidence matters, and yes, it's connected to productivity, because once you're confident, you have more chances to reach your goals and be productive. Here's why. At least 85% of people suffer from a lack of self-confidence in at least one area of their life. Thinking that we are not good enough is directly connected to our ability to focus, to concentrate, to perform, to stand up for ourselves, and to say yes to change. Confidence is where you start.

When I started speaking about confidence in 2007, it was not a hot topic. Fortunately, today, mindset and confidence are recognized to be mandatory for any type of success. For example, I was contacted by Kevin Harrington from the hit TV show "The Shark Tank" and Jim Britt. Jim Britt was named as one of the world's top 20 success strategists and top 50 speakers. They asked me to write a chapter about mindset and confidence in their book, and our book is endorsed by Tony Robbins! Yes, you guessed it. Highly successful people recognize that mindset and confidence is crucial in life. (Oh, and by the way, the book is out now. Order your copy HERE! You'll love it.)

So when you tap into your confidence, you feel happier, you sleep better, as well as being physically and mentally healthier. And when you have all of that, you are becoming a more confident person and people trust you and like you more. they make you a more effective leader, and will see that next week in our blog about confidence and leadership. You'll be more productive, because you'll be able to do more than what you thought. You'll be able to be yourself and you'll be able to rock that outfit. You know, that outfit that only you like? And hey, maybe you'll even get seated in first class next time you fly. Well, okay, maybe I'm making that one up, but who knows? You might!

We already went over how extenuating circumstances have affected our careers and the whole corporate world. Now on top of that, what are some more common problems that a lot of us are dealing with as leaders in our working lives and as team members too?

High staff turnover. Everywhere you go, staff is missing. Very low retention rate. Negative team members contributing to a negative environment overall. Resistance to new systems. Team members' strengths not being maximized because they are not confident that they can take on new tasks. They're not using their strengths and they're trying to look elsewhere. Senior staff poorly equipped to manage teams. There's tons of interpersonal issues.

The fact is most efforts around these issues will not work in the long run, because they don't address the root of the problem, which is a lack of confidence. Give confidence to your team and that is where everything starts. So connect productivity with confidence and that is where you will get the foundation to the next step: Facing change and facing the new normal that we now live in!


Connect confidence with productivity, and that is where everything starts. If you'd like a good starting point to begin your journey to self-confidence, download the FREE Confidence Guide and discover 15 Keys to Find Confidence and Unlock your Full Potential.

The Guide includes:

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