Well, I guess I am not a superhero, and I am not a brain surgeon either. What does that have to do with the blog this week? If you watch the video, you may hear it in my voice...

I have been sick. I don't even remember when was the last time I was sick, because I thought I was a superhero! I guess I caught some kind of cold or flu. I'm not even sure what I have. I know it's not the infamous virus, because I did a test and it came out negative, but I'm not feeling good. 

At first, I thought of pushing through and continuing business as usual, but I soon realized that it doesn't make sense. My body is trying to tell me to slow down, so I have listened. For the past three days, the tissue box has been my friend. I've had two or three naps a day, and an incredible amount of sleep every night. I have subbed out my classes, I have canceled some appointments. As I'm recording this, I'm supposed to be at a brunch that I'm missing. Last night, I had tickets to go see a comedy show that I really wanted to see, and I've missed it...

And I just realized: I am not a brain surgeon. Nobody died because their email did not get answered yet or because I canceled a few appointments or a few clients. It's not absolutely necessary for me to be there. What is absolutely necessary right now is for me to get better, so that I can be there for everybody else.

But we feel guilty sometimes when we're sick, and we try to push through, and somehow, we go against what our body is trying to tell us. So right now, I need to take it easy, just like I have been doing in the past four days, and I am getting better every day. Three days ago, I would not even have been able to record this for you! Even today, I am not at my best (thank goodness for Zoom's "touch up my appearance" button), but it is what it is.

When you are sick, first, do you allow yourself to take some time? Do you allow yourself to say: "You know what? I'm sorry. I cannot be there for my family, for the kids, for my clients, for anybody if I don't take care of myself first"? We have to be willing to put ourselves first and acknowledge the fact that we are not superheroes, and we are not brain surgeons either. And for those of you brain surgeons out there who absolutely need to be there at work, I don't even think, when you are sick, that people ask you to work in those circumstances, because the stakes are really high, if you make a mistake. So even if I was a brain surgeon, I think I would still be putting some things aside, still canceling some things, and so be it.

We have learned that during the pandemic. We've canceled Christmas twice, right? So after the years we've had, now we realize that the world keeps turning and the show must go on, and life continues even if we have to cancel a few things. Give yourself a chance. If you do happen to catch what I got, whatever it is, know that I'm healing really fast and that I will be better every day. I'm better already, so I do believe that it won't be long before I'm back on my feet. But hey, it's normal, it's human.

Everybody's allowed to have a few sick days every year to recharge, restore, and get better, so then after, we can be there for everybody else. Take care of yourself!


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