Is this familiar to you? "Well, at least I tried. Well, I gave my best. Well, it's too late now. Well, maybe next time. Well..." Well, well, well. Enough! Enough of these "wells". Maybe you've heard people around you say stuff like this, or maybe you say this to yourself sometimes. Actually, the timing of these sentences is everything. Keep reading or watch the full video below...

Last week's blog was about a popular movie that you may or may not have seen, and about some powerful quotes throughout it. Check it out HERE if you missed it.

When exactly do we say these things? Do we say this after it's all done and over and we did not succeed? OR, do we start saying them halfway through, when we realize that it might be requiring a lot of effort? Do we go right into excuse mode and immediately go: "Well, at least I tried"?

There is still time. It is not over yet. But what does football have to do with the blog today anyway?

I had this moment a few Sundays ago. I was watching the Grey Cup with my husband, and somehow, the Toronto Argonauts turned the game around in the last minute. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers were winning. They would've won the Grey Cup, and in the last minute, the Toronto Argonauts turned the game around. They never stopped trying. Even with seconds left, no matter the sport, they still work as hard as if it was the first minutes of the game.

That really dawned on me. I said: "Are you kidding me? The game is being reversed, just like that?" And that same afternoon, right after the Grey Cup, we watched another football game. (I guess there's never enough football in this house with my husband!) Well, I kid you not, it happened once again! Kansas City reversed a game against the Chargers in the last 30 seconds. Kansas City was losing, the Chargers were winning, and in the last 30 seconds, they turned the game around and they won. Twice in the same day!

I thought: "Okay, that's it. I need to learn from this." Because how many times did I set a goal for myself and then halfway through, thought: "Oh, I don't think I'm going to make it"? How many times did I move it farther down the road, thinking I wasn't going to succeed anyway, or extended my deadline?

Well, until it's that day and until you have not delivered, it is still time. There is always time. And that is one thing that we can learn from football and from many sports: there is always time.

What about your big goals in life? What about the things that you want for yourself? All the things that you hoped for, all the things that you dreamed of, all the things that are on the back burner? We very often believe that it is too late, but it never is. Here's a good indicator: If you're still breathing, it's still time. A football game doesn't end until time runs out. YOUR time runs out once you're in your grave. It is still time.

This is the learning that I wanted to bring you today, and that is what football has to do with it. Let's take our lessons from it and let's go after our dreams now!


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