You get up in the morning, start your morning routine slowly getting out of sleep-mode, brush your teeth, have a shower, start to feel fresh and ready for the day ahead, then, bam! Here it is. The mirror. Reflecting your image at you as you step out of the shower in your Adam and Eve outfit.


You don’t recognise the body of the person drying themselves right now. What happened? Where did the young healthy figure go? Then come these thoughts in your head: “I used to be in much better shape, what are these love-handles there for?” and then the most horrible thing happens.


After a while, this image reflected back at you day after day becomes part of who you are. And before you know it, you have developed a new limiting identity. Now, when you get out of the shower and glance at yourself, you think: “I am fat.” These three simple words could be said with an inoffensive intention, and yet, you have just read how detrimental they can be.




Associating your own identity with a state that doesn’t serve you is never a very good idea.


Next time you hear yourself say or think these words, make sure to catch yourself and create an affirmation to counteract its effect.


Rephrase your thoughts. If you happen to hear: “I am fat” in your head, quickly repeat: “This is not my normal. I am in the process of getting back to my normal weight.” “I used to let myself go, and now I am on my way to regaining what I once had.” “I am determined to get to my ideal weight. “This reflection is temporary. Now, I am on my way to getting back on track.”

To learn more about how to transform a limiting belief, check out the article from last week: Three Steps to Get Rid of a Limiting Belief. 



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