WOW! Shelle Rose Charvet is a fountain of knowledge. Entrepreneurs, if you want to develop a new product for your business, keep on reading… Her first book is an International bestseller, available in 15 languages. Most recently, she transitioned her business to two large learning projects; one for women learders and managers and the other for independent sales trainers. She is also renowned for her airplane jokes and recently, her dragonfly comedy act.

Here are my notes from her session: Product Development Do’s and Don’ts at CAPS Vancouver Convention.


You don’t need to have a 400 pages book. 50 pages is enough. First step is to write a one-pager bullet points with the ideas you will put in the book, and send it to some trusted people in your audience and ask their feedback before you keep going. Get feedback before you invest. Good enough is good enough. Give it to someone who is critical of you and they will do the critique.



Shelle’s book: Words that change minds. She recorded a one-day seminar and had it transcribed. She was paid to speak at conferences where her market was, which got her seminars to market her book. When people see you live and get a relationship with you, that is the best way to market your book. You are credible and you already have rapport with them.



Develop apps that do something. Not just vanity apps. Her first application is called Husband Motivator. She actually had made a design mistake. She imagined what people would want and she went too far in her design. It became too complicated. She used Eric Ries’ technique that he suggests in his book The lean startup(which she highly recommends us to read) and she did one trial live before she invested. Show someone and they tell you what they think. Do one powerpoint sheet and ask someone that will give you feedback. a site that will search where your book has been used as a reference in any school document. Use it as a marketing tool if your book has been used.



Thinking: market for learning is changing, 75% of organisations are doing it. By 2020, you have to have high quality digital training. If you do that, you are future-proofing your business. You can double or triple your income. This is a way we can be at many places at once. Make sure you have professional online courses, designed by professionals. Make sure you design specifically for you target market. Microtraining, less than 10 miinutes, each video is 5 to 7 minutes and even shorter.


She has one course left on Kajabi but for the most part, Shelle left Kajabi. She has found an Austrian platform for the sales trainer’s platform.


Start with WHY

  • Relevant story where problem is illustrator
  • What problem are you about to solve
  • What benefit are you give


What will you do?


Step by step system on what they need to do. (80% of content)


Where else will this skill be useful

Action steps

On the scale of difficulties, the steps need to be a 2 or 3 out of 10. Be able to do it now. Max 15 min or 10 for the ‘homework’.


Keep people motivated to finish your program. Make the videos short, keep them motivated. Put your date in your calendar to do this program every week or every so often. If there is no deadline, there is no reason to do it today. show them how to do it today. people who do it are mostly personal les corporation that are forced to do it.


Be a Senior VP of corporate sales. Give yourself a title within your business.

Shelle does sales training platform and women’s program.

Do many launches. Relaunch your program over and over as you learn from the previous launch.



you can’t do anything yourself so subcontract some task. Make sure you know enough about the task that you subcontract to make sure that you can tell if they are doing a good job.

Describe your project so clearly so that people will be able to tell exactly what you need.

The first few times you learn something.  Shelle uses:






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