Your brain is the most powerful and complex structure in the universe. How about a few jaw-dropping facts about it? Keep reading or watch the video below...

Do you what a neurological connection is? Let me show you a picture :

The big portion of that image is the neurons, and those little fingers are the dendrites. And when dendrites connect, eventually, if they do so often enough, they will form a synapse. And that synapse is a neurological connection.

Now, how many of these neurological connections does an adult brain have on average? It's a quiz.

1. 100 billion.

2. 7,000 billions.

3. 1 quadrillion

4. If you're talking about me, sometimes my spouse would say it's zero.

What do you think? Well, the answer is 7,000 billion. That's astonishing. 7,000 billion. That's a lot of zeros. But let's go back to the other numbers. What was 100 billion? Because 100 billion is actually a number. It represents the number of connections on the Internet. So the worldwide web is connected by 100 billion connections, and our brain has 70 times that. 7,000 billion. What about the other numbers that I gave you? A quadrillion? A quadrillion represents the number of toilet paper rolls that you bought during the pandemic. I'm just kidding. A quadrillion is actually the number of neurological connections in babies. Interesting, right?

Babies have so many more possibilities. Each of the dendrites has a different possibility for a connection, and the ones that connect the most often will become a synapse, and all the other possibilities will be lost.

Now that is exactly why Marielle, a teacher with 35 years of experience, and I created the program THINK Yourself® POSITIVE for children. (You can even enjoy a FREE TRIAL HERE!) It's very important that at a young age, you make sure that the neurological connections that they keep are the good ones. Remember, I did not say that the synapses that will be created will be the most positive and the most perfect ones. I said they will keep the ones that they use the most often. If a child keeps saying: "I'm not good, I can't do it, I hate it." Or if you tell a child: "Don't be stupid, don't do this, don't forget that, don't step in the water.", then the neurological connection that will be created will more likely the wrong one.

Hopefully, it made you think a little bit, if you have children in your life, especially, and think about yourself as well. How amazing is it that your brain has more connections than the Internet?


Help them make sure that the neurological connections that they keep are the good ones.

THINK Yourself POSITIVE For Children is an affordable, simple & effective solution to do so. Have fun introducing your children to a simple and effective way to create the habit of positive self-talk through the adventures of Captain Vic and Captain Miserable.

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