How many negative thoughts do you think you have in a day? Well, let's start with how many regular thoughts we have... Watch the following video or keep reading to find out.

We have between 50,000 and 80,000 thoughts per day. This is huge. That's a lot of thinking! There's a lot going on. This means about 45 thoughts per minute. Let's portray this. You may have experienced this at some point. Imagine this: You are on hold on the phone, waiting to talk to someone, it's taking forever, and you start thinking.

"Ah, maybe I should send an email instead." You put the phone down and put it on speaker phone. "Okay, do I have their email address? Let's see... Ah, why do I have so many tabs open? What's going on here? Now my whole computer is frozen. Darn it. I'm going to have to reboot it. Oh boy. It's 10:00 AM already! I should have done that yesterday, but I've been interrupted so much. Whoa, Mike looks like he spent the whole night on the clothesline. Oh, hanging clothes out to dry on the clothesline in the summer. I love that. Ahh, summer, the barbecues... Hmm. Barbecue. I think I'm hungry. What do I have for lunch today? Oh, I don't feel like the sandwich I brought to work. Maybe I'll get some sushi. My daughter loves sushi. I wonder when she's going to break up with her boyfriend. He's so dumb. Gosh." Then your computer comes back. "Okay, my computer's back. I have to finish the schedule for this weekend, because Mary can't come because they're calling for snow and she doesn't have studs on her car tires. Wait. Did I lock my car this morning?" Then you hear a voice: "Thank you for holding. Can I help you?" And boom, you hang up the phone. You couldn't even remember what you were on hold for!

Sounds familiar? 45 thoughts per minute. That's a lot of thinking. It goes really, really fast and it doesn't really make sense sometimes. Well, research shows that 70% of these thoughts are negative. That's 31 negative thoughts per minute. That's a lot. You don't talk to other people like that, do you? You don't say: "Oh, you look terrible in these jeans. Oh, you're applying for a promotion? It's never going to work. You're not good enough." But we talk to ourselves like that.

Remember: 31 out of your 45 thoughts per minute are negative. What are they? "Oh my gosh, I have no clue what I'm doing. I'm not good enough. Oh, another conflict. I'm so bad with conflicts, I hate that. Oh boy, I look like I haven't slept since 1980."

Statistically, with 70% of your thoughts being negative, just know that it is completely normal to have negative self-talk. One of my clients was just asking me about this this morning. She asked: "Will I stop having negative self-talk?" Well, technically we don't stop. It's just that the emotional loop goes really, really fast. You have the negative thought, and right away, you rephrase it: "Wait a minute. What did I just say? That doesn't make sense. I used to think that but now I am willing to learn how I can make sense. How I can think that I am good enough. How I can think that I am able to do this. How I can find that I am smart, beautiful, etc."

With some help from the right strategies, you can rephrase that negative thought immediately when it occurs, so that it doesn't stick in your brain and your mindset, and so you can move on in a more positive way.

31 negative thoughts per minute? That is exactly why I'm busy helping people turn their thoughts around and transform that negative self-talk.


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