Last week, we talked about how life has ups and downs, and about how to navigate through those ups and those down. Check it out HERE if you missed it.

This week, I would like to talk about parking spots. Interestingly enough, we sometimes wonder who has the right to the best spot. Watch the video below or keep reading for more about this...

I was at the Arbutus Club in Vancouver for an event, and as I was looking for a parking spot, it made me think. When you enter a parking lot, very often, the first empty ones are the ones that are reserved. Then you get to the next empty ones, but they're for Ubers and food delivery services. And then, of course, there are the spots for people that are disabled, the ones for expecting mothers and the ones for families. And finally, as you go around a long journey, you find your own parking spot, and you try to squeeze in, even though it might be really tight.

Sometimes, you try and cheat a little bit and you try to fit your huge SUV in a spot for small cars, because it's the only one you could find. But then after trying three separate times, you realize it's not making any sense, and that you couldn't open your door anyway if you tried getting out of the car, so you come out and then you go around the lot for two more turns, and you FINALLY find a spot that fits your vehicle!

Where am I going with this? Well, I believe that in life, whether it's in business, in relationships or in corporations, it's always the same thing. We're always just trying to find our spot. For example, when you start a new job, you're just trying to find your spot. We often start at the very bottom level, P-6, and we're slowly trying to make our way to the reserved parking spots. Even though the journey may be long, eventually, you'll find your spot, and even though you have to walk a lot longer to get back to your car, maybe next time you'll find a spot at the P-5 level.

First, what kind of vehicle do you have? Right now, career-wise, for example, are you trying to fit into a spot that is not yours? Are you the big SUV trying to fit in the small space? Or are you trying to fit into an "expecting mother" spot if you are not pregnant? There will always be people that try to bypass rules. Is that you? Very often, we're just trying to fit in a position that doesn't belong to us, or we're trying to fit in a relationship that is not going to work out anyway, and sooner or later, you'll have to just exit that spot and find a spot that fits you better.

Except maybe what's wrong is not the size of the parking. Maybe it's the size of your vehicle. So maybe there are some changes you need to make that will help you fit into the tighter spaces. Maybe you need to improve yourself.

There are lots of great analogies about life and parking spots. I thought I would share them with you this morning. It was pretty enlightening for me to realize that there's a spot for everybody. Just keep driving around and eventually, somebody will leave and you'll take their spot, and you'll be there at the right time.

Enjoy your day, everybody, and remember that there will always be a spot for you!


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