My blog last week was about freaking out. Have you ever felt yourself on the verge of freaking out? Check it out if you'd like to know how you can avoid panicking in these situations. 

What goes up and never goes down? Spoiler alert: It's a bit of a trick question. Just like anything in life, there will be ups, but there will be downs. Keep reading or watch the video below for more...

Right now, we might be on a little bit of a coast after the two-year grind we had. Or maybe now, due to everything that happened, it's our stocks that are going down, right? Maybe our health went down during the pandemic, and right now it's going back up. Whatever's going on, there always is a flow of ups and downs. And in order to really enjoy and coast on the way down on that roller coaster of life, we have to be willing to go through grind, even though it might be slower.

Of course, it's not going as fast. For example, when you are working in a corporation with your staff and you're training a new employee, before you can enjoy the way down and enjoy the coasting, you will have to train them. You will have to do the time. Whenever you start a new relationship, before you can start coasting down, you have to get to know each other. You have to get through the grind. If you want to enjoy a healthy life, you need to put the time and effort in order to do so: Prepare healthy food and spend time exercising.

“The only time you get hurt on a roller coaster is if you jump off in between the ups and downs.”

So if you stick with the grind up, you will inevitably enjoy the thrill down.

I really like the analogy of the roller coaster, but here's another one I like almost just as much: It's like riding a bike. My husband's a cyclist. And of course, when you cycle, there's ups and there's downs. Isn't that fun? To coast on the way down, with the wind in your hair, speeding without a care in the world... But sometimes, you need to go back up in order to go down again. There will always be a time where you will have to work harder and a time where you can coast a little bit.

Sometimes, it seems like our coasting times are getting shorter and shorter. It seems like right now, what goes up never goes down. It feels like we're always working hard and there's no time to coast. Maybe you need a coach in order to facilitate that uphill climb. Maybe you need somebody to help you along the way. Maybe you need to partner up with people. If you feel like sometimes that you are not in the driver's seat, maybe it's time for you to step up your game and make better decisions. Maybe it's time to say no to things you don't want to do anymore, and say yes to things you really want to do. Put yourself back in the driver's seat. You are on your way up!

Of course, you might face setbacks and maybe little accidents down the road, it could happen, and you will get back on your bike and you will continue to ride. Lots of different challenges happen in life, whether it's an employee who needs to be trained, a child that needs to be taken care of, your older parents that are aging that you need to take care of, or a friend in need.

If you're a leader in a corporation, it's about making sure that you can carry everybody else as well. So on your way up, it's not "every man for himself". As a leader, it's your role to pull everybody up as you climb, because a good leader is a person that will use these climbs to build that synergy in a team. It's always about the journey and about what you learn as you climb. Think about how much more muscle you are building in your thighs on a bike as you're riding uphill, as opposed to when you're just coasting.

My husband hangs out with circles of cyclists, and they're all different. Some of them like to just cycle on flat roads. They're not as strong as the other cyclists because they just do flats. But the riders who go uphill quite a bit, and the ones that are at the front of the pack that are pulling everybody else, they are much stronger as well. Some riders prefer staying at the back of the pack and just get pulled, drafting behind everybody else, but they're not getting as strong either.

If you are positioning yourself in the leadership position, you have to know that you'll have to face the wind and then you'll have to pull everybody else. But whichever position you want to be in the pack and whatever mindset you are in, or whichever area of your life you're looking at, there will always be ups and downs. The key is to enjoy the journey and to understand that it's not about: "Once I get to the top, I will enjoy it." You've probably noticed how in a roller coaster, it takes a lot longer to get to the top than to go all the way down. Right? So it seems that the grind up is always a lot longer. You need to find a way to enjoy the way up as well, and enjoy the whole journey, not just the part where you're coasting down.

Remember: "What goes up and never goes down?" is kind of a myth. Everything goes down at some point, and we need to find a way to enjoy the journey, because that is how life rolls. That's how leadership works. That's how love and romance works. That's how everything in life is built. And without the climbs, we could not enjoy the coasts.


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