I have been dedicating a few of my blogs recently to health and wellness as January is the month when a lot of people commit to take better care of themselves. Amongst the many things that my husband Duff does since he retired almost three years ago, is teaching fitness classes. He teaches spin classes and also a bootcamp for 55+. His participants love him. He has created quite a following and his classes have waitlists now to get in. Now, bare with me as this blog is NOT about my husband. It’s about one of his participants.

Last week, he showed up to lead his bootcamp class and a new participant was there. A healthy looking man that smiled at Duff when he arrived and said: “I may not move as quickly as the others, but I am here for a workout!” So Duff explained the different stations – and I have to say that having been to Duff’s classes myself, the exercises are quite challenging, it is not because it is a 55+ class that there is any slacking off happening there… – and the workout started.

One minute per station, 20 sec break, then hop to the next station. One of his regular participants came to Duff and said: “Do you know how old is the new guy on the trademill?” So Duff said: “Well, he does move a little slower than everyone else, so he has to be in his 70s for sure…” The other guy said: “He is ninety-nine years old.” !!!!!

“What? Excuse-me? How old did you say?” exclaimed Duff. What an inspiration!

So, what is in store for you? Do you want to go to a weekly bootcamp at 99 years old?

When you think about the future, how long do you want to live? How well do you want to age? How free do you want to feel in your eighties, nineties? Do you have parents or grandparents struggling with their health? Do you notice how quality of life can be improved significantly when you are healthy? How many times do you hear older people tell you to take care of your health?

Quality of life as you age is everything. Just the thought of one day having to wear a diaper will help some people make great choices in their forties. Losing our dignity is a prime motivator.

Do you want to be an older person who still lives at home and enjoys your loved ones’ company, doing activities together? Do you want to have fewer health concerns? Do you want to have a healthy mind, remember your close ones and the conversations you have with them? Do you want peace of mind, knowing you are not a burden for people around you? Do you want to feel vibrant? Health will energise you and help you keep a positive attitude as you age.

Set up habits now that will take you to the future you want for yourself.

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For more inspiration, you can get a copy of my 27 Simple, Practical Application for a Vibrant Life: THINK Yourself® HEALTHY.


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