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In 2007, I started my own business and it was a sideline for a large number of years. I was working full time and I was making good money, and I loved my job. It was fun. I was good at it. I always had this dream of living from my side business, of making a living out of it and somehow, I was not trusting myself that I could actually make it. I had some certain numbers in my head, and I was thinking: “Okay, when I make at least that much money, then maybe I can go part time with my full-time job.” And then when that happened, I kept my job full time and then I thought: “Well when I make at least as much money with my side business as I make with my full-time job, then I can quit. Then I will be able to trust that I can make it.”

Then when it happened, I was used to the double salaries. I was used to making all that money combined. So I still didn't quit my job and it took years. I was working for this company for 17 years, not because I loved it that much. I did love it, and I loved every minute of it. The only thing is: I know that I was not trusting myself. I wondered if I would make it on my own. I loved to have this security because somehow I was doubting myself and I kept saying: “Someday I will quit my job. Someday I will trust that I can make it on my own.” Someday. I didn't have a concrete plan because every time I would make a plan, I would create another someday, another “there”. When I'm there, I'll do this. When I'm there, I’ll do that.

And somehow, someday was never coming. So what I'm trying to say is that there is no “there”. And I got really re-inspired with this concept this week as I've started to listen to a Sam Horn's book, which is called Someday is not a day in the week. So she's sharing 10 hacks to make the rest of your life the best of your life, which is really cool. Here is what the book looks like.

I'm listening to it on audible.com. So thank you Susan for sharing this amazing book with me. I belong to a group of called Powerful Canadian Women Speakers from the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and we just got together on Monday. Susan was sharing with us that her friend Sam horn had written this book. She quoted something from the book on Monday, which made me want to listen to it.

I'm glad I did because it reminded me that, even though now I have made the step and I am now working full time in my business, it reminded me that there are other dreams that I have. Dreams that I've created for other things in my life that I need to start making real. So there are action steps that you can do. 

That is actually part of what I do for a living. You know that I'm a speaker. I do one on one coaching and I also do business mentorship. I have built quite the business for myself and I'm somehow good at making money. So, I'm helping people how to create a brand, how to monetize their passion and how to actually make a living of your passion. So I do have some business mentorship now as part of the packages that I offer.

It is very rewarding to be helping entrepreneurs make a living on their own because I've been there. I know how it feels. I have made a lot of mistakes. Oh my gosh! I have made very expensive mistakes, emotionally as well as financially. I feel grateful that I get to share these experiences and expertise so that people don't have to make the same mistakes that I have made before. 

So, make TODAY your ‘Someday’. Let's say you've always wanted to write a book. You've always wanted to take this holiday with your family. And you say: “Someday I'll spend more time with my kids. Someday I will apply for this job that I thought I wasn't qualified for. Someday I will start my own business.” Or someday…, what is your someday? What is that thing that is on the back burner, that is making you excited, that you keep pushing back and you keep making your mind think that it's just a dream. Let's concretize that. Let's program your mind. Let's program your personal assistant in your head to really make things happen. Because as soon as you make a commitment, the someday disappears and becomes a date, it becomes something concrete. Then, your unconscious mind has a certain genius to make things happen. And I'd be happy to teach you how. SOMEDAY is not a day in the week. Thank you, Sam Horn.


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Sam - February 2, 2020 Reply

Kudos to you Nathalie for your clarity on making your DREAMS a priority NOW, not someday. You are so right that launching a priority project is the path to RESULTS instead of REGRETS. So glad you found the SOMEDAY is Not a Day in the Week book inspiring and useful – and that you’re sharing it with others. Sending best wishes to you. – Sam Horn

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