M.E.R.R.Y. C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S.

I know so cheesy right? Well I have done it! The ultimate, cheesiest thing ever. A Merry Christmas Acronym with tips to get you over the holiday season! Enjoy!


MATTER. In this special holiday season, take time to reflect on what really MATTERS to you. Commit to spending more time with people that matters the most!


ENGAGE. While waiting endlessly in line at the grocery store, keep your phone in your pocket and engage in conversations with people around you. Share the holidays spirit!


RESPECT. Remember that everybody is unique and that the holidays mean something different for each and everyone of us. Respect others around you, their time, their ideas, their imperfections, their opinions, their uniqueness.


RESOLVE. It is a perfect time of the year for a phone call to resolve any unfinished business, any conflict, any conversation that needs to happen. Let the magic of the holidays support your genuine intention to forgive and move on.


YOU. Take some time for yourself. Downtime means recharging and rejuvening. Do it guilt-free! It is YOU-Time!


CARE. Take the time to add special caring notes, caring touches, caring phone calls, caring gestures in your life. Tell people around you that you care about them.


HARMONY. Family gaterings can be overwhealming. Maintain harmony by going back to the roots, find memories of good times together, know the subjects that will unite everyone.


RECEIVE. We love to give. We are sometimes not very talented when it comes to receiving. Smile, say thank you and really take time to appreciate the gesture, beyond what was just in the box.


IMPROVISE. Organize a last minute get together with friends. Improvise a coffee-shop date. Have a few days without any plans and go with the flow, stay open to what the day will bring up or make up your own and invite friends!


SPARK. Be the light in someone’s day. Be a sunshine. Be a spark in their life. Even if it is a stranger for whom you choose to open the door with a smile or a family for whom you will pay the bill at the grocery store.


THINK. Take some time to think about your childhood memories of the holidays. Think about new traditions you want to implement that will enlighten your next years to come. Think of the people who may be needing you at this time of the year.


MAINTAIN. Make sure you continue to plan for and maintain your active lifestyle. Continue to exercise, eat well in between the “big traditional meals”, maintain what normally serves you well in your routine.


ACCEPT. Anticipate in advance a positive reaction to something that used to be your pet-peeve around the holidays. How would you like to react instead this year when let’s say this “uncle” is being his old self? Have a good chuckle with a smile and accept who they are.


SERVE. Find a place where you can serve the less fortunates. Donate to a charity or go volunteer to serve soup on one of the nights during the holidays. My street-friends at Nightshift certainly have a way to warm-up my heart!

May you and your family have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

With lots of love, respect, energy and joy!



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