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Visualization doesn't work... Unless you do it in a very specific way. Research shows that simply visualizing yourself having reached your goal is not enough in order to make a difference in the chances that you have of achieving it.

Here's how it works. Let's say you are a climber, and you are in the middle of the mountain. If you visualize yourself at the top, more likely you will miss each little crevice, each little rock, or each little step. You must visualize every step of the way, and more importantly, you must visualize all the challenges that will be on your way and visualize how you will solve these challenges. What are the tools you will need, what kind of equipment will you need in order to reach that goal? What kind of help will you need from other people in order to reach that goal?

When I work with my clients, I use visualization techniques combined with my D.N.A. System. I work with the six different layers of the brain, according to the research of Robert Dilts: Environment, Behaviors, Skills, Beliefs & Values, Identity, Purpose.

First, we visualize the Environment that will need to happen in order for you to reach your goal. What is going to need to happen in your environment? What challenges are there in your environment? What needs to be changed right now? 

Next is Behaviors. What are the different behaviors that you need to change in order to reach your goal? What are the obstacles that might happen? What will you have to do in order to fix these obstacles? 

Next, Skills. What are the skills that you may need? Are there any skills that you may have to acquire in order to reach your goal, as you will face the specific challenges that will potentially come your way? What are the skills that you will need to become better at in order to go beyond these challenges?

The next level is Beliefs & Values. What are the beliefs & values that you will need in order to reach your goal? What do you need to say to yourself in your head? What do you need to believe? What is important to you? What are your values? What are the mindsets and the things that you might, in the past, have been telling yourself? These limiting beliefs that would more likely need to go away in order for you to achieve your goal?

This is where I usually spend the most time with my clients, working to get rid of all this negative self-talk and all these limiting beliefs, and then remove all these powerful emotions that sometimes are holding us back (like anger, fear, hurt, sadness, guilt...). There's lots of baggage that we carry from our past that are not really supporting us reaching our goals.

Next on the pyramid is Identity. When you start sentences with: "I am...", is there anything that you're not happy to be say? "I am a procrastinator. I am lazy. I am..." Are there any things that we need to change that are part of your identity? What are the obstacles that will need to be faced in that department?

Lastly, Life Purpose. Who else are you serving, and beyond for yourself, why are you doing all of this? Who else will be impacted by the reaching of this goal?

When you practice the visualization technique, here is what you can do: Picture yourself in a month from now or a year from now, having reached your goal. Go there and see everything that you want to see. What do you want to hear in your head? And how do you want to feel? What is the feeling now having reached your goal? Then, go through every single layer of the brain. What's in your environment? And what are your behaviors? What are the skills that you're good at? What are the beliefs and values that you have? What's your identity? Now, when you say: "I am..." , what do you add to the sentence? Why are you doing all this? What was the purpose of all of this? Who else are you serving?

The next time you do a visualization exercise, make sure you chunk down all the different challenges that may be in your way, on your path, in order to reach your goal. Visualizing every single move, every single step of the way is when you have a lot more chances to reach that final goal.


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