How much stuff do you own and only used once? Everybody has a pressure washer and a power drill to use it once a year, if so. We have lots of tools in our garage that are still wrapped in the original brand new package. ”Sharing is declared as one of the top 10 ideas that will change the world” says Jessica Pautsch, a social venture strategist for leaders in business innovation that empowers entrepreneurs to use business as a toll for social change. In her #TEDxStanleyPark, she talks about the business of sharing. ”The more people share, the less they buy.” Uber, AirBnB, ZipCar, are only a few of the examples of entrepreneurs who have based their business model on sharing.Sharing

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to watch Jessica’s TEDxStanleyPark talk as she explains that ”access over ownership” is becoming the new consumption model and how the Sharing Economy is altering how we organize, consume and conduct business.

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