I had reserved preferred seats with extra legroom for my husband and I for our long flight back from Thailand. This was the second part of our connecting flight— I had worked non-stop on the first flight and was planning to sleep on the second leg as the wakeup call had come way too early, hours before sunrise. I was tired and cranky. As we boarded, I noticed the aircraft had changed, and the seats I had paid extra for did not match the layout in this aircraft. While the initial plane had seven rows with extra legroom, this one only had three. We were sitting in row four, in tight seats. A little bummed, we sat in our assigned seat.

When the plane was finished boarding, I noticed that two seats in row three were not occupied. I asked the flight attendant if we could move to the preferred seats as we had already paid for it. The attendant said that these seats had to be reserved in advance. I explained, in a tone becoming a little faster and less considerate, that we had paid for these seats, but the aircraft had changed. The flight attendant responded that in case of aircraft changes, the fees would get reimbursed, that we just had to put in a written claim. I could not believe it. I totally lost it on the attendant. Thinking back, I am disappointed in myself. If I had approached the attendant differently, I may have been able to stretch my legs further during that flight.


I was ready and prepared. I had just done a three-day sales course and was about to test my new knowledge before my next meeting with my sales staff, as I was planning on teaching them the new skills.

The printing business I co-owned was bidding on a very important contract and I was going to present our proposal using my new techniques. I followed every step, responded to every argument, was confident, stood tall, spoke with eloquence, looked professional and knew the job inside and out. I left the meeting with a fist bump, so sure I had the contract. The morning after, I followed up and the client informed me they had given the job to someone else.

Yes, true stories. I have been there. It happens to me too. I know exactly how you feel. Same here! It is not realistic to think that I only meet amazing people and get to work with people that are totally awesome all the time! It is not that I am never challenged with relationships, communication or connections. We are all human and in this together. Over the years and through my own personal journey, I have developed some strategies that I use when those “not-so-magnificent” experiences happen, and I will teach you the tricks I use when my devils seem to speak louder than I would like them to.

In THINK Yourself® A RELATIONSHIPS PRO, written in collaboration with Maureen “Mo” Hagan, you will discover the STYLE-L.I.S.T. Assessment Tool to know yourself and master communication.

Mo is a global Health and Wellness Expert, No. 1 Best-selling Author, Speaker, International Award-Winning Program Director and Fitness Instructor. Mo is a licensed Physiotherapist and certified Fitness Instructor and has been recognized for her career

which has spanned over three decades; named as one of Canada’s 20 Most Influential Woman in Sport and Physical Activity, the International Fitness Industry’s Woman of the Year and a Top 100 Health Influencer in Canada. 

She is living the dream life she envisioned, and she is an influencer of change, helping to inspire new levels of awareness for fitness, health and wellbeing worldwide. She believes that we are all there to serve the world in our own special way. By honouring our own unique gifts, we inspire others around us to be and do the same.

I will send you a link on Tuesday, July 24th so that you can be the first to get the e-book for 99 cents on Amazon. 
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