I was sitting in my office as part-owner of L’Imprimerie Le Reveil / Les Impressions Piche. I was proof-reading a book we were publishing and I had to come up with a marketing-summary for the back cover. It was a lot of pressure. I had studied French Litterature and had been a reporter for almost a decade, writing articles weekly in Le Journal Le Reveil, creating most of the ads and marketing slogans for all our clients, but I had never written a book, let alone creating the text for the back-cover. I had closed my office door and had told my staff to hold the calls so that I could focus on this. Every time I had one line written, a voice inside my head was telling me: “Who are you to be writing this? You are not an author! Who do you think you are? The author of this book is kind of a big deal, you can’t possibly be as eloquent as them…” So I would scratch what I had written and would start over. It went on for hours. I decided to call my Boss, my Mentor, my trusty-advisor, my best-friend; My MOM!!! She always knew what to say to take me out of my rut. I told her there was no way I could write this back-cover, I did not know where to start. I told her it would be better to ask the author to do it, as the author already knew her book inside-out and she was more likely better than me to write this. And she said: “The author already know this book. You want to write it as a reader, not an author. What would you like this back-cover to say to intrigue you into reading it? What is this book about and why should you read it?” I could certainly answer that. But then I said: “Yes but I am not sure I am qualified for this”. And then she said: “You have everything you need inside you and you can do this, the first step is to repeat in your head that you can do this. I trust you. You are very resourceful and you will figure this out, you always do.” I hung up the phone and had the back-cover done in half an hour. All it took was for me to believe in me. My Mom is that person that has the ability to shift any limiting belief for me. How lucky am I to have grown up into such a positive household with this force of Nature guiding me!

Fast-track 10 years later, I was starting to write my own book. My very first one: WHEN YOU’RE HUNGRY, YOU GOTTA EAT that came out in 2011. Seven years later I now have 11 books behind me and still writing. The one thing I keep repeating into my head as I write is: I always figure it out, I can do this, I am creative, I am resourceful, I AM AN AUTHOR. The THINK Yourself® SERIES has now just given birth to four more books in the series in the past two months. I have been writing a lot this winter and I have a new book system that works and trusted sub-contractors for each step of the process. It is so much easier when you know what to do, how to do it and have the resources and the people that are great at what they do to work with you. It works. Obviously. LOL!

The THINK Yourself® SERIES includes:

THINK Yourself® THIN

THINK Yourself® SUCCESSFUL, with Mo Hagan and Tasha Hughes



THINK Yourself® CLEAN from the Inside Out, with Tosca Reno

THINK Yourself® A RELATIONSHIPS PRO, with Mo Hagan

I am in the process of writing THINK Yourself® WEALTHY, THINK Yourself® SEXY, THINK Yourself® SOBER and THINK Yourself® AN AUTHOR.

I am back full-circle now as I am now publishing books for others under THINK Yourself® PUBLISHING and I am loving it! Not only I am an author, I am also A PUBLISHER. This is such a dream for me to realize how my whole life was bringing me to where I am now, putting me through different experiences. I don’t think my International Baccalaureate in Economics or my Baccalaureate in Business Administration were meant for me to become a writer, coach, motivational speaker and publisher… It is my passion that directed everything. It was inside me the whole time.

What is inside you? What is your passion? What are you good at that no matter what age, no matter what was happening in your life, ‘this’ was always something you enjoyed? Find your passion and make it your niche. Make a living out of Passion. Find your #PassionPivot. And maybe even write a book about it, and I will publish it for you!!! LOL!


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