I posted a Video Blog on Social Media that is getting a lot of comments and appreciation. I thought I would share it with you in my blog this week. You can watch the video or simply read the transcript below.

This is Deena, that's my car. She's old, she's 12 years old.

Now, when I bought her, it was the best thing ever. I had worked for four years, saved money and I bought her cash. I was so proud of myself, it was so amazing. It was like I was "there". I was like: "whoa, this is the best car in the world."

Now she's old, there's no navigation system, I have a CD player, and yet I don't want to change her. I could, and I don't want to fall into that trap because we always think that there's another thing, but it's just stuff.

There is no there, 'cause once we get there, we want something else, so I'm gonna keep her, I'm gonna drive her until she is done because there is no "there"

Look in your life. Ask yourself, what is it that you've accomplished and you are "there"?

There is no there, so I'm gonna keep Deena because she's my "there".

Every day, you are "there", today. Live life right now. You don't need anything else to be happy. You are "there".


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Karen Van Delft - July 7, 2019 Reply

Amen to that! What a great perspective Natalie! I can look at the things in my life and reframe and incorporate your concept in my own life. Thank you for sharing.

    Nathalie - July 7, 2019 Reply

    Glad you liked it Karen!

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