I can’t be sure that you watched the Raptors game this week, however, I am very confident that you heard about it! Hard to ignore right? Feeling so proud to be Canadian!

The last 0.9 second was the longest nail-biting-I’m-gonna-pass-out moment! And how about the time we waited for the referees to make their call? Endless!

There is an interesting concept brought up by Gay Hendricks in his book The Big Leap that time is relative. Hendricks presents time according to Newton vs Einstein. Newton states that time is equal for everyone. That there are twenty-four hours in a day and sixty minutes in each hour and sixty seconds in each minute. That time goes by at the same speed for everyone.

Einstein, on the other hand, gives us a much more interesting and serving way to look at time. Pretend that someone close to you calls you and says: “I am in trouble, please, help me…” and before they can say another word, the line gets disconnected. You try to call back and it goes straight to voicemail. Finally, six minutes later, your phone rings and you get to talk to your loved one. These six minutes felt like hours. They were stretched interminably in your mind making time last so much longer.

Now pretend you are meeting your best friend from College that you haven’t seen in years. You are having coffee and you are so deep into a conversation that, when you look at your watch, you can’t believe that two hours have passed.  Einstein states that time is relative. That not only do you control time, but you ARE time. According to him, you would have the power to make time last whatever serves you.

I am a fervent believer of Einstein’s theory and I have been testing it repetitively. As I look at my calendar, having only fifteen minutes between clients, I start a task repeating in my head: “I am time, I control time, I have time.” As I am performing the task, going deep into it, I look at my clock, and only two minutes have elapsed. How could that even be possible? I feel that I have done so much and yet, only two minutes have passed. I still have thirteen more minutes that I continue to stretch, repeating to myself that I AM time.

Try it. This concept is fascinating!
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