Do you have 5,000 friends on Facebook, 20,000 followers on your business page, 10,000 LinkedIn connections and yet, these ‘leads’ are not converting into money in your pocket? Gina Schreck is the Founder of SocialKNX  & Co-founder of 4 kids from Littleton, Colorado. She is a social media guru that rocked our world at CAPS preconference Business Building Master Class.

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  • How to turn a lead into money$$
  • Maximize Social Medias with less time on it
  • Which Channel should we be on?
  • Where to start with social
  • What to outsource? V/A, SEO,
  • How to increase traffic to the blog
  • What should you not be doing?
  • How do you create a community that engages amongst themselves without needing you (self-sustained-community)
  • How to engage in content – get personal
  • How to choose which podcast or channel makes sense for you?
  • How do you not get concerned with metrics



Gina taught us through a very ‘Cirque Du Soleil’ like String trick that we had to tie each other to our partnership with a string how we need to do something different otherwise we come to these conventions and after lots of tricks, if we don’t do anything different and stop to think, we are right back where we started.



Male-female, how old exactly. What do they do for fun? Their biggest challenge is …. What is the content they are looking for? What are they searching for? What do they want to know? How do I motivate my staff? How do I improve performance in my staff?  Take toxic places into places that people actually want to work for large dysfunctional groups. How do I get my managers to play well together? How do I motivate my staff? Be personal with a person. Picture a person that you are sitting there talking to. When you write content, picture someone across the table form you that you are having coffee with. Get personal. Who is one follower right now that you can help right now. 1 person. We try to write for 20,000 people and we need to start writing for one person. Think of who is googling the question that is going to pay you money? You want a post that is so specific, i.e. if you are an HR manager that is dealing with manufacturing supervisors… use Hashtags (#HR #manufacturing #performance) make sure that they want to print this out and make sure that their whole team reads it. The title of your article needs to be the question that is searched on google. Google needs to recognize you as the person that is the expert in this question. Put your transcription under your video so that you have both, video and writing. Video will keep people on your site longer and writing will allow people to also read it and WORDS are what gets picked up by SEOs. Be personal, when you reply to someone, use their name. It will blow their mind that you are being very personal.



Sun: You. People need to like you. You are your business. People want to see who you are.

Planets: The content. You need to have interesting content (be helpful be interesting or be quiet) so that the planets are attracted to you. Planets are posts, podcasts, blogs, Alexa channels, speaking, book, people need to want more of you. What if you only had one planet in orbit?  It would not be enough. The more planets you have in orbit, the more you can attract clients. Look at ways you can turn planets and multiply them. Do a FB Live and then pull the audio only and make it a Podcast. You can use and re-use all your material many times.

Put it out multiple times. Twitter: multiple times in a day. LinkedIn multiple times in a week, sometimes morning, sometimes night.


Create a content inventory, write the title of it, a link and then create four different posts that will point to that post that you wrote a year ago that was awesome. Create multiple headlines taking people to this post. At least once a week, pick an old post and refresh it. Updated stats, new stats, new tools. A content inventory will allow you to track. Make that content into a lead magnet. Create a poster that they would want to post in their office and you can mail to them or print out so that you now have a real estate piece in their office and look at ‘you’ every day. Nobody cares about your website until they know that there is something there on there that answers a question for them. Does your website tell them what you do?


Stars: The stars are the social media. Their purpose is to shine a light on the planets. Make sure you have enough stars that shine lights on your planets. Drive traffic through your planets. Move from collecting lots of friends and followers and how do you really help them and speak directly to them so that they say: “OMG, You have the answers that I am looking for!” Ask yourself: “Am I driving people to content?” Use tip sheet, a PDF to download. Send a LinkedIn connection to someone who has downloaded your stuff.

“Make sure you write for your client, not for your peers, your peers will NOT hire you!”


Careful to stay in brand everywhere and be strategic with your message. Get closer and yet, don’t use social media for group therapy. It is not the place to spread your problems. Just be real, making sense that are real, then go for it. When you are real and genuine and personal, people really want to connect with you. The future is “personal”. Get personal and get business!


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