It is Valentine's weekend. And I'm going to talk about love ... for yourself. You can watch the video or read the transcript below.

Very often when we're looking for love or when we're looking for any type of approval in any relationship, whether it is with a coworker, whether it is with your boss, with a client, with a friend, with your spouse, your significant other, with your child, with your teenage boy or your teenage daughter, somehow when we're talking about love, we're always talking about loving yourself first.

Because if there's any problems you have with yourself, we're always transmitting these issues onto the other person, somehow. So if somebody has in their mind a limiting belief about themselves that they're not good enough or that people shouldn't love them because they're not lovable or, that they're stupid or they're not good enough, or whatever it is, that could be your limiting belief, then, we tend to project that onto other people. So when we are in a relationship, let's say at work, we might receive their comments in a negative way just because we're trying to frame everything around our own beliefs about ourselves. And if you believe that the world is there to get you, if somebody is nice with you, you'll be like: "Hmm, why are they nice with me?

They must be planning something behind my back because that can't be." Because we're trying to make things right in our head Lovebecause we're not supposed to be loved by anybody. So therefore, people must be mean and they can't be nice with us. We tend to create a whole reality for ourselves and we live in our own reality in our heads.

So we have to think about what are the things about ourselves that we love. So what do you love about yourself? What are you and you are happy to be and you will always be and you're so proud of that. What are the things that make you happy? And then you can have a look at what are the things that you don't love as much about yourself that maybe you like a little bit less. And what would you like to improve? So sometimes you need to know yourself first, know what are your buttons. If you're aware of them, you can maybe make them disappear so that nobody can push those buttons, when we're aware of our own buttons.

There's a tool that you can use that I have created with Maureen Hagan in THINK Yourself® A RELATIONSHIPS PRO. In our Number One International Bestseller, there's an assessment tool in this book that is really fun in order to figure out what is your personality style.

And it explains in this book all your great capacities, the great characteristic that you have and all the things that may be in the way of you achieving your success in all the relationships that you have either at work or in your personal life. So you can go do the test at to figure out what is your style. What kind of style are you? What are the characteristic that you love about yourself, that you want to continue to be? Is there anything that would need to change? And what are the buttons that you want to erase in order for people not to be able to push them?

So in this Valentine's a weekend, I wish you all the love for yourself and start just embracing yourself because You are absolutely perfect the way you are and embracing our whole self is a great way to figure out what it is that you have inside yourself that you could leverage into becoming a great thing. So you guys are absolutely awesome. I keep saying it. You are awesome. And continue to love yourself.

Now of course, on this amazing weekend, I have to say that there is one person that knows my STYLE-L.I.S.T. inside and out. Once in a lifetime, you meet someone you want to share your soul with and despite them knowing everything about you, they love you anyways. I love you Duff. You are my soul mate!

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