I realize that a lot of you have been following me for a long time and some of you just joined me. I sometimes assume that you all know the bases of the D.N.A. System that I spent the last decade creating as I was studying neurosciences and that is at the base of my 8 International No.1 Bestsellers. Here is a refresher. You can watch the video or read the transcript. It is an excerpt of a conference I gave on the subject. In the video, I was speaking to fitness professionals. The system however can be applied to any domain. You can watch the video or read the transcript below.

In order to be successful at anything in life, you need to address each layer of the brain. What are the different layers of the brain? Robert Dilts came up with the six neurological levels and I've created the DNA system to fit the layers of the brain.

Your first layer is your Environment. That's where you live, that's your stuff. And that's who surrounds you as well. We are the by-product of the five closest people to us. Okay? So think of the five closest people in your life. And this is who you become. If you want to make more money or if you want to be more kind, if you want to be more positive, whatever it is you're surrounding yourself with, that's who you're becoming. These five different people. So your environment is very important. Your environment includes in our industry, in this example includes our cupboards, it's the spandex that you wear, it's the dry fit material you put on your body. When we go to the gym, it's your gym membership, your running shoes.

Your Behaviors are the things you do. You brush your teeth, you eat, your work. Exercise, and remember I said this, nutrition and exercise. Eating and exercise are behaviors or things that we do. Okay? It's important. It's part of our first layer it is the foundation and that's when we start deciding exactly what we want. Who do we want to surround ourselves with? What do we want to do?

Then we go into Skills. These are the things you're really good at. You're an awesome personal trainer. It's not just a behavior for you, it's a skill. You took it to the next level and you can teach people how to become better at it. That's a skill.

Beliefs and Values are the things we believe that would be true. In the summer: we always gain weight, at Christmas: we always gain weight. Exercising is hard. Push through the pain, no pain, no gain. Who's heard these things before? Anybody? So beliefs are causing most of our problems. Limiting beliefs. The values are what's important to you. So let's say somebody has a problem because they believe that it's genetic. Their parents were overweight, so of course there'll be overweight. My answer is always: "Oh, you can choose to believe that!" and all of a sudden they're like: "Well, what do you mean? It's a fact!" Then I respond: "Okay. Do you know anybody with overweight parents that are not overweight?" they respond: "Yeah, I do." Then I say: "Oh, okay. How about maybe, would that be possible that you'd become one of them?" and they say: "Oh yeah! I guess!" 

You want to reframe and rephrase these limiting beliefs because it's not serving anybody to believe that. Right? So if they have a limiting belief that no matter what happens, they are always going to be a size 16 or will get back there, it's not by exercising and eating well that they will solve a problem that's in the beliefs level.

The problem is here in the green section, you cannot apply a behavioral solution to a problem that's happening in Beliefs. If you have a self confidence problem, you cannot buy an expensive car and expect to gain self confidence from an environmental solution. It's not going to work. 

Identity is who you are. It's being yourself. It's I am. What do you say when you say, I am? Active, happy, enjoying life, whatever it is that you feel the blank with is your whole identity and the identity is a combination of doing things that you're good at in an environment that supports you and doing what's important to you as well. Sometimes we're really good at stuff, but it's not important to us. We hate that full time job. We're good at it. It makes money, but it's not what we love. Fitness is what we love.

If your beliefs are actually supporting beliefs and you're doing what you're good at, in an environment that supports you, that's when you can be yourself and when you can be yourself, that's when you can be happy. That's when you can find your Life Purpose. That's when you can be truly serving others. Who else are you serving? So that's the life purpose. Why are you doing all this in the first place? Are you inspiring your clients? Are you inspiring your children? Who has children? So who wants to have a life purpose to inspire their kids? Then it needs to be in line with all the layers of the brain. So let's remember that we cannot fix a belief with a behavioral solution. And that's why that transformational long lasting changes happen in our head, not in the gym necessarily. So we must start to add on these techniques into what we do.

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