Welcome to part two of the Mindset Check Series. How are we doing with our mindset about external pressure? Last time, in part number one, we saw how to figure out exactly how much pressure is too much pressure. I offered you three questions you can ask yourself just to gauge yourself and do a little mindset check about external pressure.

This week, we're talking about knowing if you are under too much stress. Once again, I have a few questions to offer you. Keep reading or watch the video below to find out what they are...

1. Do You Sweat the Small Stuff?

Does the small stuff bother you? Do you have a lot of triggers? Do you get upset at the seatbelt in the car or at the Tupperware drawer? Do you have any pet peeves? Do you get upset or frustrated very easily?

If your emotions are constantly coming up quickly, it means that there's a lot of accumulation in your drawer, a lot of stuff that we need to get rid of.

2. Are You In Your Head?

Are you in your head a lot? Are you feeling like you're in a fog, not able to concentrate or easily distracted?  Do you procrastinate? Are you constantly overthinking? Are you constantly worrying? Are you reliving events that happened before and still thinking about it two, three weeks later? "I should have done that. I should have said that instead." Are you afraid of what is coming up next? Do you find yourself not wanting to wake up in the morning, not looking forward to the day? This can be a good sign that you're under too much stress.

3. What Do You Do When Something Good Happens?

When something good happens, do you take some time to be happy, or do you plaster on a fake smile? Do you have to pretend to be happy?

Very often, when we are so stressed, even when good things happen, we are so stressed that we don't have time to smile and to appreciate and to enjoy. We're just faking it and just pretending that everything is okay.

If you find yourself in that situation, maybe it's time for a little stress relief. Maybe it's time for a holiday. Maybe it's time to take a break. Or maybe it's time to, hey, have a virtual coffee with me, so that I can help you out!

Next week, we're going to be talking about how to know if stress is impacting your health. I will see you there!


If you find yourself pretending that everything is okay, maybe it's time to have a virtual coffee with me, so that I can help you out!

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