Last week, I share a super simple and interesting technique to help you remember your to-do lists, your grocery shopping lists, everything you'd like to remember! I promise, it really works. If you missed it, make sure you check it out HERE.

Let's switch it up this week and talk about cars. "Huh? Cars?" Yes, cars! Hear me out... How would you like to have a Maserati in your garage? Well, it turns out that you may already have.

There are lots of things that we have on our to-do list that are full of potential. I have lots of things that I have started without quite completing, because I switched over to the next project instead, or because I kind of completed one part and I thought that was it, but I did not really get the full benefit of this completed project. That's how, I guess, my brain used to work. I liked to constantly start new things and get to the next project as soon as possible. Build a new course. Write another book. Do the next thing.

I have 16 online courses to offer, and I'm currently building three more, because that's what I love to do. I love creating new courses. I listen to what my clients are telling me, and I notice all the questions they have, and I think: "Hmm. Maybe I should create a course on that. It seems that everybody's asking about this." So then, I create the next course.

However, are the courses that I already have reaching their full potential? Has everybody bought them already? Is it time for me to create something new? The answer is no. Not everybody has bought all my courses! The people that have bought a few of my courses, do they even know about the other courses that I have to offer? I feel like I may not have marketed what I already have enough to justify me starting another course, and another course...

It's like I have a Maserati in my garage and all I'm doing with it is go to the corner store and back. I feel like I have this enormous potential and I'm not utilizing it.

My new thing is going to be to focus on marketing and getting the full benefit of what I already have before moving on to the next thing. Is this your case? Is there something that you have (maybe you have a book, maybe you've written articles, maybe you have a product that you're selling) and you find yourself already thinking about the next thing you can do? I am of the type of personality that likes to create, create, create, and go to the next thing all the time. I have to sit back sometimes and think: "Wait. Where is my Maserati? Am I using it on the highway at a hundred miles an hour, or am I just using it to go to the corner store?" 

So ask yourself. Is this your case? Is there something that you should just focus on and make it be more profitable and get its full impact and its full benefit before you start getting something else going?


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