Have you watched Ted Lasso? This week, I'd like to go for a fun little blog and talk about learnings from the series. I have to say, I'm in awe. If you haven't watched it yet, I promise you should! It's funny and heartwarming, and it makes you want to just keep watching! Keep reading for a few quotes by Ted Lasso and his friends...

Here we go...

Stop beating yourself up. That's the message. Simple as that!

How cool is that? Very often, when people are generating ideas, some people have their (pretend) umbrellas and try to block the juices that are flowing by being negative. Leave your umbrella at home!

We're allowed mistakes. We're allowed to go off track. It's fine. We just have to find our road back.

How cool is that? Right? Don't hit the snooze button. Get up in the morning! Ted is always up very early, baking for Rebecca. The other one is the panic button. He always seems to be very calm when everybody's panicking. We all have lots to learn from that.

If you are an entrepreneur, or if you are a speaker, or if you are a leader, we're all in that situation a little bit, right? We're not famous, but we're kind of famous. A lot of people have a lot of followers on social media. I love that quote that Keeley shared.

Whenever you're sad, surround yourself with people, go find somebody to talk to. That will generate oxytocin, because it's necessary, when we are sad, to be in presence of other people.

As an entrepreneur, I can tell you very often, we tend to identify who we are with our business or with our career. What we do becomes part of our identity. For Roy, it's more than just a game. It's everything. The same can apply to us, with what we do for a living. Very often, we take ourselves very seriously.

Taking on a challenge is not always comfortable. When it's new, it's got to be uncomfortable.

Jamie is such a goof! But he's right. Respect the elder. Respect people who have more experience than you, that have been there before, and listen to what maybe people that have more experience than you have to say.

So true, isn't it? Even when you are in a place where you feel like you don't have all the resources you should have, there's got to be an advantage to it.

Need I say more, right?

How cool is that? we tend to hold grudges and remember things and relive things in our mind that are already passed. A goldfish is always super happy, because they have a ten second memory.

How true. Especially if you are in business, you're doing any marketing, the best brand is just being who you are, because then you can never go wrong. If you're trying to be somebody you're not, that's where there's a disconnect between your message and what other people will perceive.

How true is that?

And of course, the number one quote, one word, what is it? You guessed it.

Of course. That sign! This has so much value, and it's a constant during the whole season. "Believe" is in everything that we do. It's why we get up in the morning, because we believe that there's something during the day and at the end of the day for us. So believe that what you want and what you're working for and what you care about will be protected, will happen, will be experienced and will be felt. So just believe. It's probably the number one learning from Ted Lasso.

I hope you had a good time, and if you have not watched any of the seasons yet, get on it. It's one of the best!


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