A lot of businesses and a lot of entrepreneurs that have reinvented themselves are already ahead of the game. Are you? Watch the following video or read the transcript below for more…

Are you getting ready for 2021's businesses resurgence? Because it's going to happen. It's already happening… I was chatting with my friend, Emma Barry, and she said:

"As fast as things are going right now, they will never be this slow again."

Think about it. How cool is that?

2021 and future years are definitely going to be fast. We will constantly be changing and adapting, because these are the skills that we’ve learned throughout all of 2020. And when we work, deep in our roots, on our ability to learn, we can reprogram our thoughts to make ourselves be able to adapt better.

First step: Think about the way you talk to yourself. Now, think about the way you talk to a friend. Let's say one of your friends screws up. One of your friends does something really bad. What are you going to tell that friend? "Oh, you suck. You're terrible. You're such a loser." No, of course not! You're going to hold that friend tight, and you're going to console them. You need to program the voice in your head to tell you the same thing as you would tell a friend whenever bad things happen, just like they happened in 2020. A lot has happened, and things are still going on right now. Whether it’s three months, six months, nine months or a full year, it is long enough to be habit-forming. It is long enough to create good habits in our own brain. What you have been telling yourself is very, very important. This is the first step on how to plan for 2021.

Now, let's go into hard skills. The second step is to look at what people want. Look at what is going on right now and try to figure out how you can deliver your expertise, your product or your services in the new online world that we live in. What do people need? What do they actually want? Honestly, this is what saved me. The first few weeks of the pandemics, when I saw my paycheck drop, I thought: "Oh my gosh, how can I make money?” It's only when I switched to: "How can I serve?" that it made a big difference. It wasn’t: "How can I make money?" anymore. It was: "What are people needing right now that I have the skills to help with?" When I started helping, when I started making Tips of the Day videos, when I started posting and educating people and telling them how to make money, that's when my business skyrocketed, because I asked myself what people needed the most at the time.

Look at what people need and then look at the skills that you have: What are you skilled at? What are you a specialist at? What are you an expert at? Find what it is that you have that matches what people need. That way, you can find how you can serve. You may need to acquire new skills as well. You have your intellectual property, you have your product, you just don't know how to deliver it online. Or maybe you just need the extra tech support, or a different way to rework your promise statement and your elevator pitch to figure out how to explain it in this new world.

If there's anything I can help you with, just let me know. I've got a full series of over 16 online courses that can maybe help you acquire the skills that you need in order to deliver what people want. Start reprogramming the voice inside your head right away, because you can do this. Remember: As fast as we think things are going right now, they will never be that slow again. We might as well get ready, because 2021 has started already. So let's run into it!


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