Are we all following the Easter Bunny down the rabbit hole this year? You can watch the video or read the transcript below to understand what I mean.

Happy Easter. It is a very interesting Easter this year I guess. We have set up a time to get together with the family on zoom. I won't be cooking a big meal. We won't be doing a big Easter brunch. It's kind of a little weird for the Eastern Bunny this year it looks like the Bunny will be going down the rabbit hole.

So I got thinking about this whole expression "going down the rabbit hole", which comes from Alice in Wonderland when she kind of went down the rabbit hole and entered a very imaginary world where everything was very wonderful and not real. And this expression totally changed with the years and now the definition of "going down the rabbit hole" is the following. It's quite interesting if you have in mind, as I say the definition, if you have in mind the situation we are in right now, listen to this: Going down the rabbit hole: To enter a situation or begin a process or a journey that is particularly strange, problematic, difficult, complex or chaotic, especially one that becomes increasingly so as it develops or unfolds.

So it's very interesting how when it all started, I'm in Canada, so it was so far away in China. And then, things started to change and expand and spread and eventually it became increasingly strange and problematic and difficult and complex. So going down the rabbit hole would mean that we start snowballing into something that is much bigger. It doesn't need to happen like this in our mind. So we can stop the snowball, we could exit the rabbit hole. We can take back control of our emotions because we can control that. We don't have to go there. And what I'm talking about there, I mean going into the worst case scenario. It is not happening yet. We're fine.

If you are home and you are healthy, you're okay. There's no need to go down in the rabbit hole and to start panicking and wonder: "Am I going to get sick? Oh my gosh, when we go back to work, what is going to happen? Am I going to ever go back to work? Will, the company close, will I lose my business? Will I ever get paid again? Will I be able to pay my mortgage? Will I have to move back with my parents? Will I have enough money to pay for grocery?" So we have lots of questions. "Will I ever see my family again? Can I hug people in the near future? How is it going to happen?" We can go down the rabbit hole and start snowballing our emotion into asking all these endless questions that we don't even have answers for. To learn how to exit an emotion loop, go here to read my previous blog on how to get unstuck.

So let's slow down and let's not follow the rabbit this year. Let's just have a happy Easter because right now we're okay. We're making things up, we're just making it up. So might as well make up a good story. So how about because we don't know what's going to happen, how about we make up a good story? How about we pretend that it's going to be fine? How about we pretend - 'cause we're making it up anyway - so we might as well make up a good story and avoid going down the rabbit hole this year.

Happy Easter.

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