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What if I told you that you have an extra 30 years on your great grandmother or on your great grandfather? How cool is that? Watch the following video or read the transcript below to know what I mean…

I recently watched Jane Fonda's Ted Talk, and she talked about “life's third act” and how research shows that we live 34 years older than our great grandparents. How amazing is that? We get an extra full adult life in bonus. So what are you going to choose to do with these 30 years?

A lot of people see aging as a disaster, as a disease, as an unfortunate thing that happens. Aging is definitely not a disease! It's an opportunity, because as we age, we become more experienced, we become wiser. We have more wisdom, more knowledge. We know what really matters. If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that we know a lot more, I think, than in 2019, what matters to us, what's really important. Somehow, 2020 made us gain not only a physical year, but a lot of wisdom as well.

I love this quote that Jane Fonda referred to in her Ted Talk: :

"It takes a long time to become young." – Pablo Picasso

Feeling young is a feeling. It's inside your head. I really like this concept of not telling your brain how old you really are. It is so easy to get stuck with limiting beliefs that we choose to hold on to: "Oh, well, of course I don't sleep well now, because I'm getting older. Of course I cannot do what I used to be able to do, because I'm getting old.” There's a lot of misconception about aging, and if we choose to believe that, then more likely that's what's going to happen.

I am very fortunate to be living with what an amazing man who is aging, and who is getting younger and fitter every day. My husband is really going against everything that this society has been pretending that happens when you age, because it's not happening at all for him! He has more time, now. Now, he knows what's important. Now, he has all the experience, all the resilience, and all the skills that he needs in order to be able to spend energy on what really matters. For him, it's his health that matters the most. It's staying healthy and vibrant for as long as he can, because he's got a younger wife! I’m just kidding, it’s not just for that, it’s just because he loves life. If you've met Duff, you know it’s true.

Remember that everything that happens to us is a gift. As we age, we get to learn more. All these years that we’ve experienced come in handy. Whether you are thirty today, or you're in your sixties and reading this text, remember that if I was to ask you: "Hey, do you think you're better off now, knowledge-wise and experience-wise, than you were 20 years ago?", you're probably going to answer: "Oh gosh, I know a lot more now than I knew 20 years ago." Even though some of you may wish you could go back to 20 years ago for the health aspect of it, I bet you that if it was delivered to you on a silver platter, you may not take it, just so you could keep all your experience, all your wisdom and all your memories.

I really like the analogy that I've been using a lot, the one about delivery trucks. All the challenging moments, the powerful emotions we’ve felt, they’ve taught us something. There were delivery trucks coming in our driveway, delivering positive learnings, giving us something that we can apply to the rest of our lives. We've been growing in our journey, and we are getting an extra 34 years on our great grandparents.

Thank you Jane Fonda for pointing this out. Thank you for this amazing Ted Talk. Go check it out HERE, if you get a chance. Ask yourself: Are you prepared to spend a whole adult life, an extra 30 years, in a great shape? Are you prepared to do whatever it takes in order to stay vibrant, to keep your vitality strong, your energy high, your muscles activated and your body going? Because it's all about what you choose. You can choose to do whatever you want with these 30 years. So what will you do with them?


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